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Mother/Daughter Bean Boozled Challenge

Oh boy! Did you know about these jelly beans called Bean Boozled? It’s like Bertie Botts Every Flavor beans from Harry Potter with flavors like ear wax and pencil shavings. Only these Bean Boozled taste like vomit, grass clippings and skunk spray. Not all at once, thankfully.bean boozled challenge mother/daughter



So you don’t know this, but Emma has a vomit phobia. It’s a legit thing called Emetophobia. I know that you’re probably thinking, who does like vomit? Well, no one. Hopefully. But, Emma’s phobia brings her into panic in different situations. Let’s say a classmate gets sick nearby, this would put her into full-on panic mode.  I would have to pick her up from school sometimes because it would make her feel so awful. She would psych herself into feeling sick and nauseous herself.

Her therapist has been doing aversion therapy. Basically exposing her to sights and sounds of vomit. YouTube has everything. Don’t Google it, please.

Emma has been really good at listening to sounds of retching and watching scenes from movies where folks vomit. It’s not fun. Even I’m getting grossed out. The final task was to get close to vomiting, but without vomiting.

How would Emma handle it? Would she panic? Freak out? Break down in tears?

You’ll have to watch the video to find out.

Spoiler Alert- we had a lot of fun and Emma’s doing really well with her therapy!



Halloween Makeup Tutorial – 20s style inspiration

Halloween for the makeup enthusiast is a bit like a Superbowl of fun and excuse to bring your best game. Hmm, no sports puns please, Frugie, we’re talking about makeup.

20s makeup tutorial, flapper makeup and hair, great gatsby inspired looks

It’s like the Oscars or the Cannes film festival to the film buff. You can play and play and play to your heart’s content and not be accused of going overboard! Want to make a zipper face? Do it! Feel like making an exposed eyeball- hmm, let me look that up on Pinterest!

However, I just created a very simple 20s inspired makeup and hair look for you. Nothing gross. Unless you don’t like it, then I can’t help you. But maybe you like Candy Corn, so you’re nothing to me anyway.


But unlike the forgotten Necco wafers at the bottom of the trick or treat sack- I think this tutorial will help you dazzle for theme parties and holiday parties in the future- front and center.20 style inspired halloween makeup and hair

So grab a pumpkin spice latte and check out my video. It’s 20 minutes, and very thorough. You’re welcome.

Featured products were from Strivectin, Jouer, Lorac, Maybelline and Too Faced.

This video isn’t sponsored, I just like those products!

If you can’t watch now- be sure to Pin for later!


My Perfect Body

Frugalista Blog My Perfect Body

Here I go, taking off my clothes again for my blog.

I know. But bare (bear?) with me!

We are flooded with images of amazing bodies and then even when sometimes a body is not so amazing, there’s a barrage of comments to follow that are cruel and degrading. Sometimes from ourselves, sometimes from others.

As we put ourselves more and more out there- especially in the land of YouTube and social media, the scrutiny becomes even more so.

I wanted to show folks that even though I try to put my best face forward, the one with good lighting, a smooth complexion and an angle that maybe shows my jaw better than it looks in person;  that I’m absolutely flawed in many ways physically, and I’m okay with it!

Stretch marks, cellulite, jiggly arms. Hey, it comes as an entire package! But this isn’t about me, it’s about all of us and our daughters and our sons and that imperfections sometimes come from perfect circumstances.

If you want to know what I’m talking go ahead and watch my video and then embrace your own #myperfectbody.




10 Ways Autumn is Awesome AF

10 ways Autumn is Awesome by Frugalista Blog

For those not in the loop, ‘AF’ means,’As F**k’.

So when something is really cool, awesome, or wonderful, if you put ‘AF’ on the end, you’ll be one of the cool kids. Sorry to be so blunt. I gotta throw around some major street cred, I’m serious here. Fall is Awesome. Say it with me, “Awesome AS F***.” Maybe because it leads into Christmas, maybe because it actually relieves me of the heat rash on my feet from the entire month of August, but it’s just the best. And here’s why.

1. Back to School.

Honestly, I have a love/hate relationship with back to school. Deep, deep down it gives me massive anxiety when I think of how my children are growing up. It’s weird now that I’m a parent and every time my kids go back to school it reminds me of how they’re getting older. Almost more so than a birthday, it really shows the passage of progress and how they’re inching towards leaving that nest. Dammit. I want them to leave the nest, but then…. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO? It’s okay. Really.  But why I love it-  it means new cat sweatshirts and polo shirts with popped collars. At least that’s what my 7th grade back to school outfit was. Yours? Oh, and the kids out of my hair during the day!! AMEN!

10 ways autumn is awesome by frugalista blog

And flannel shirts too- another reason autumn is awesome. And these kids look hella cooler than I ever did.


2. Pumpkin stuff

Not real pumpkins. Those are gross. The guts and seeds smell like a slimy old sponge. Ew. No, I like the artificial pumpkin shit. Give me Pumpkin Spiced Waffles, Pop Tarts, Pepperidge Farm cookies, Fiber One bars, lattes, candles. Am I forgetting anything? I do like real pumpkin pie that my mama makes. But that’s because it’s full of cinnamon and spice and sugar and whipped cream on top! Pumpkin stuff leads to Gingerbread stuff that leads to Eggnog stuff. And all of it is bomb. Sorry summer- you just don’t have those heavy hitters. Uhm, cucumber? Nah. Oh and all this ‘stuff’ leads to baked goods. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. Yeah. This is pie season folks. And cookie season, and bread season and all baked goods season. And elastic waist pants season. But don’t worry because #4 goes well with those pants.

3. Socks

I love socks. I like wearing socks to bed and with pajamas. In the summer time I just sweat so I can’t wear socks. Hence the heat rash on my feet. Wearing socks to bed is weird in July. But after September 21st- socks! Oh my gosh, I’m wearing socks to bed tonight!

4. Wearing sweaters

I have a collection of at least 20 cardigans. The entire summer makes them feel neglected. It’s wonderful to welcome them back in the rotation of my wardrobe.

5. Fresh air

Nothing feels like crisp autumn air. Especially when the entire summer has been drought-ridden and hot with poor air quality, or you have neighbors that keep burning their fire pit on evenings when it’s 90 degrees out and the smoke comes in the house like a campfire! Once September rolls around, I like to open the windows and let the rainy air in the house again. But then after awhile, close them and crank up my Venta Air Washer to purify the room air and replace the proper humidity. Venta has now released a collection of essential oils to use in their Air Washers.  Now that they have an aromatherapy collection, I can create cozy scents that smell fresh and clean like lavender and vanilla, without smelling artificial and perfumy. My bedroom smells like a spa. With every purchase of a Venta Air Washer, mention my blog and you get an aromatherapy pack for free. Maybe pick the Winter Dreams one, I really like it. (No they don’t have Pumpkin Spice. Sorry) Call them at 888-333-8218. (I wasn’t paid by Venta for this post, but they did send me product to try, which I love!) venta airwasher aromatherapy 6. We’re closer to Christmas

Now when I watch the Little House Christmas episodes I don’t get weird looks from the family. Well, I still get weird looks, but not as many as when I watch those DVDs in June.

7. Football

Yes, I like football. Not every woman doesn’t, you know. I also like the other football, European soccer. This time of year both are in full swing and there’s at least one game on at our house in the background. Go Hawks!

8. Movies

The movies in the theaters around this time, step it up several notches because as we wind down the year, studios want the Academy to notice. So this is the good stuff. More than the summer blockbuster craziness, this is the creme de la creme level of the Daniel Day Lewises and the Johnny Deppses. Hello Oscar contenders!

9. Boots

Han Solo season has begun. Let every soccer mom show up with quilted vests and brown boots to Target, Starbucks and Whole Foods, practice fields, school pick-up, etc. You know what I’m talking about.

10. Shorter days, darker evenings

It’s time to light a fire, light some candles (pumpkin scented, duh) and get cozy with a blanket and your dog snuggled up. You can’t do this in July, so this feels delicious. I love it. Put on some socks too.

Makeup dupes for you!

It’s long over due that I provide you with a Dupes post. Makeup dupes.

I’ve made a YouTube video on my YouTube channel (are you subscribed? You should be!) of all the latest dupes I have scouted out for you. Finding dupes is hard work. First you buy all the high end stuff. Then you go to the drugstore and look at things that look like the luxury brands, buy them and take them home and try things out over and over to see which ones are actual replicas of the luxury products. Doesn’t this sound so budget friendly and cost effective?

I’m being sarcastic of course. But truthfully, usually I stumble across the dupes in my ‘research’ (that’s code for hours at Ulta and Sephora and Walgreens) and then test them out and get all excited and want to share them with you, my viewers/readers.

I really do get so excited when I find an eyeshadow palette for $10 that seems identical to one that’s over $40! If you’re a makeup addict, you’ll love this video.

So, if you haven’t seen it already- here’s the dupes video you’ve been waiting for!

dupes frugalista blog makeup drugstore beauty blogger

When you sh** your pants at Tiffany’s

First of all, I’d like to clarify that I wasn’t the one who did the pants shitting. It was Emma. Second, this was last year and not when she was in diapers. Third, she gave me permission to tell her story. Because she’s awesome and it’s funny.

Forgive me, but there’s some back story here. I want to give a quick run down of how I have always wanted a little something something from Tiffany’s. You know, the fancy American jeweler with the little blue box. Dammit all- they have good packaging. And marketing. Because Audrey Hepburn wasn’t in a movie called Breakfast at Ben Bridge. Or Breakfast at the Sear’s jewelry department. When there’s a movie called Breakfast at Tiffany’s, it sort of makes the place iconic. Not sort of. It does.

James hates Tiffany’s. Like with a passion. He sees it as over priced and unnecessary. I see it as beautiful craftsmanship, classic, heirlooms. He sees it as a rip-off. We’ve been together 20 years and I told him that one day, if I could just get a little blue box, it would be so nice. And not a ring. Or diamonds. Like, find a key chain or something. But for gosh sakes, put it in that blue box!!

So before last Mother’s Day, when Emma was 14, I told her the story of my blue box wish and how her dad was not into it. We were actually shopping at the mall and she said she would talk to dad about Mother’s Day for me. Bless her heart! I needed a blue box ambassador!!

The morning of Mother’s Day the kids presented me with cards and tea and goodies from Teavana. Oh yay! My favorite. And then, oh what do we have here? James comes in with a LITTLE BLUE GIFT BAG!! OH MY GOSH IT’S A DREAM COME TRUE!!! In it was a little box, and in that box was a little necklace with the initial R on it. Perfect. I was thrilled.

So I ask Emma privately if she helped. Of course she helped! And she said, “now I can tell you the story I’ve been dying to tell you!”

Let’s also mention the fact that Emma was on heavy drugs for her ovarian cyst issues she was dealing with that spring. And also a combination of laxatives and such to help regulate her with all these drugs.

She said that while she and James were browsing in Tiffany’s, she felt the need to fart. Yeah, sure. No biggy. So she goes to a corner of the store that she feels safe enough to just you know, toot toot. Well, you know the phrase, ‘don’t trust the fart’. Sure enough this was more than a basic flatulence. She’s in the corner and the fart is well, it’s a solid fart. Yep. A turd exited.

The horror. The panic. What to do?? She’s all in her head, “I’m in Tiffany’s for GOSH SAKES!!”

She goes over to James who is with the sales person. “Hey, yeah, dad, uhm, I’m going to need to go to the restroom. Where’s the nearest one?”

Salesperson, “Oh it’s upstairs through Nordstrom.”

James, “Honey, I don’t want you going by yourself, just wait.”

Not sure the extra paranoia on James’ part considering at 14 I was at the mall with friends all the time and went to the restroom by myself. But okay, whatever.

Emma chooses not to argue and watches the salesperson painstakingly tie the white ribbon on the box. At this time, I think Emma was resenting Tiffany’s as much as James’ debit card was!

When they were done, Emma proceeded to walk a little less normal towards the restrooms. She tells her dad that she legit pooped her pants. He looks at her like, what? And she’s all, “I shouldn’t have trusted the fart.” He’s all, “I don’t want to know.”

She takes care of whatever she can at the Nordstrom restroom. And all is well.

Whenever I wear that necklace, not only do I think of the love and dedication of those closest to me, but that Emma pooped her pants at Tiffany’s. And honestly, that’s a high class poop, right?

And that’s how I got my first Tiffany’s gift. And I truly love it.

Frugalista Blog humor, tiffanys, mothers day

We need to stop with the ‘stop the wussification’ of America bull sh*t

If you want to start a shit storm, have a major retailer tell folks that they are changing the signs in their stores. Not the merchandise. Not their employee benefits, not even the availability of Frozen merchandise at Christmas. But THE SIGNAGE.

So Target last week changed the signs in their bedding and toy departments. Now instead of the signs reading “Girl’s Bedding” or “Boy’s Bedding”, it just says “Bedding”. Because I think we can just decide what bedding we want to buy regardless of gender, right?

Ha! Well according to middle America, this has got to stop. What has to stop, you ask? The Wussification of America. According to many comments, both on the Target website, AND my friend Stephanie at Binkies and Briefcases, if you take away gender labeling, you are pushing the agenda of the Transgender community. And this is bad. Because then we end up as he/she’s or Shims, or Herms or whatever, or also known as being WUSSIES.

NEWSFLASH- a wuss has nothing to do with the GENDER IN YOUR PANTS!! OR SKIRT!!

If you are a wuss you are weak. Because what makes things like, countries, strong? DEFINED MEN AND WOMEN! None of this gender generalness people! (sarcasm font)

The definition of a wuss, according to the Google, is

noun: wuss; plural noun: wusses
  1. 1.
    a weak or ineffectual person (often used as a general term of abuse).
verb: wuss; 3rd person present: wusses; past tense: wussed; past participle: wussed; gerund or present participle: wussing
  1. 1.
    fail to do or complete something as a result of fear or lack of confidence.
    “she’ll probably wuss out because she fears my mighty bowling prowess”
Huh. Well look at that. Wuss is a general term of abuse. Interesting.
Angry customers messaged Target that they would not pander to their buckling under the LGBT agenda. They are going to Walmart to buy their kids’ bikes. Because Walmart clearly labels GIRL bikes and BOY bikes. Obviously you want to shop in the right aisles and not just say to your kids, ‘oh look, bikes. Let’s pick one out you like.’
Now folks are concerned that clothing will no longer be gender specified. It’s true people. Target is going to start a revolution of burlap onesies that are so gender neutral, we won’t know who we’re attracted to anymore. It’s going to be so confusing!!
The problem I have with this term, “the wussification of America” is not just the Confederate flag in the profile picture of the person using the comment, <ahem> but the fact that strength and worth come from defined genders. And that folks are worried that if more and more people express their gender neutrality that we will become weak.
Is it because in order to be strong you have to be a predominant testosteroned male that only wears camouflage, and votes Republican, drives a truck and owns a gun? No. Because that is a stereotype people. And stereotypes, despite having truth to them, generalize a person away from what actually makes them who they are. Because we’re all different. And different is good.
Let me ask the folks that are worried about Target’s lack of labeling, is this a wuss folks?
kristin beck navy seal transgender
That’s Kristin Beck, the Navy Seal who served for 20 years and then retired and transitioned to female. I wouldn’t call her a wuss. How many death threats do you think she’s gotten? She stands up for others that want to transition because she knows they are harassed, threatened, and even murdered based on their gender preferences.
Was Matthew Shepherd a wuss when he was tied to a fence post and beaten to death for being gay? He was such a small-framed young man. His attackers were angry with his lack of masculinity, his gayness, so they killed him. What kind of wusses were they?
Stop it America.
Stop calling people weak based on how they prefer to dress, wear their hair or who they love.
Standing up for what you believe in without putting down others is what makes a strong person. Defending the weak is strong. Facing adversity with courage against the odds is heroic.
The labeling of department store aisles is a progressive move, not as an agenda the ‘Libtards’ (I hate that word) have forced upon our society but as a way to open our horizons. To let boys and girls be kids and play with dolls, trucks, pink puppies or tutus, swords and Nerf guns. Don’t praise the girl for being a Tom Boy, but diss the boy for wanting to play with a doll.
Here’s a link to more about Kristin Beck- Transgender Navy SEAL Kristin Beck; Warrior Princess
Here’s all the craziness Target experienced on their Facebook and Twitter when they made the announcement. Oh, and the guy that posed as a service rep to answer their questions- This Guy Shuts Down Target Gender-Neutral Haters with a Trolly Facebook Account
If you’re one of those people that feel upset or threatened by all this gender neutrality, ask yourself why you feel that way. And then let me respond with Stephanie’s words from her Facebook page- “No one is going to be transported into some sort of reverse Pleasantville where the morality has been removed along with the color and everything is gray and neutral. It really is going to be okay. Promise.”
frugalista blog stop with the stop the wussification of america target haters

It was the best of times… it was the worst of times….

People- does it feel like the end is nigh?

Nigh means near right? With record high temps, a lion killing dentist, women (plural!) dying in police custody, right wing conspiracy theories and Donald Trump, we’re all going bat shit crazy.

Oh, let’s not forget, woman dying in Chinese escalator, man kills ducklings with lawnmower and children left to die in hot cars. Sorry, didn’t mean to be a Debbie Downer on you.

I literally want to scream. I want to bang my head on the table and give up. But I also want to stick my head in the sand and pretend that I don’t know anything.

We’re all angry. Every one of us is seething with something that bothers us. Because we all have stories and experiences, troubles and humiliations. What triggers me might not trigger you.

We need to stop. We need to breathe.

Remember when you were little, and you would watch a special on PBS about the plains of the Serengeti and the dry season. You never had been to Africa so this was interesting. You watched as they did time lapse of the plants and wildlife over the days and weeks. They would talk about the life of the animals, the hunting and dying, the cubs being born. There was even close ups of the insect life. So much detail that you didn’t know existed in this world. Your horizons had just been broadened in your 8 year old brain. You watched that show, thinking you’d be bored because it wasn’t Love Boat, but instead, you were enthralled and asked to stay up past your bed time to finish it.

There was no Internet then. No Google to check out ‘plains of Serengeti’. I still remember that show because it was so revealing, so different to what I had known.

Every now and then when I go about my day of Starbucks, Target runs, cat box scooping, doctor appointments with Emma; I think of the minute details of the world that I don’t even know about. That I know are out there, but I don’t  even have the remote idea of what they’re really like. What sunsets look like below the equator, what winter is at the poles, what suffering a mom feels during famine when she can’t feed her child, let alone vaccinate them.

We are quick to judge on the Internet. We rush to conclusions with what little information we have or has been given to us. Most likely given to us already sliced and diced to be interpreted in a way we don’t know that differs from its original state.

Our anger boils and we think all cops are corrupt. Every Planned Parenthood is selling baby parts. All Mexicans are just rapists and drug dealers.

So instead of jumping to conclusions, I’m going to jump to patience and kindness. I will read things on the Internet and count to ten before I click the share button.

Someone is beaten in police custody? Well of course that person needs to be since they’re in police custody to begin with, they’re probably a low life that found themselves in handcuffs and who cares if they get roughed up a bit? It’s amazing what people conclude from video footage they see on the news.

I posted on my Facebook the other day that the hardest time to be kind to someone, is when they are unkind to you, but that is actually when your kindness means the most.

Kindness isn’t something that’s conditional. It should be unconditional. Like forgiveness and mercy. That may be a little bit New Testament for folks, sorry, but it’s how I was raised.

And I would rather be raised with assuming kindness in this world, than the opposite. And if we can all be kind, even when the person in the grocery store parking lot bumps their cart against your car; then maybe the universe will settle down a bit.

We can think of the Serengeti with all its wildlife, bugs, birds and plants. The details of the world we don’t even know or comprehend may be beyond our scope of knowledge- but that in our small circle of existence, we can set the ripples of compassion out into the universe.

We need to soften our hearts. Because despite all the shit and crap going around us, hardening to it, is not the answer. Hold on to your kindness, your happiness, share it with others.

Start with yourself. Start in your home. Start in the Starbucks parking lot!

Okay, there. Do you feel better? I’m trying. Now go watch kitten videos  or help an old lady cross the street.

frugalista blog it was the best of times, it was the worst of times

To the people who were disgusting on Caitlyn Jenner’s Instagram

This is a rant folks. I can’t stay quiet. I get a sick feeling in my stomach when people are mean. So I have to say something about the way I feel. It just isn’t right that there’s so much hatred. Hatred veiled as either freedom of speech or a religious privilege. I don’t get it.

When Caitlyn Jenner received the Arthur Ashe Award of Courage at the Espys recently, the speech she made was so compelling and compassionate. I am sure that the transgender community was applauding her stand of courage, yes courage.

Not the kind of courage it takes to head in to battle as a service man or woman. Yes, those people ARE heroes. Without question.

Not the kind of courage it takes for a person fighting cancer and knows the treatment is hard and painful, but has no choice otherwise.

It’s the kind of courage after years of being told one thing is the way it’s supposed to be, and then defying those ‘norms’ and stepping out as an individual. It’s the kind of courage that someone decides after 65 years, they want to be the person they felt they always were.

lgbt equality caitlyn jenner

The comments on Caitlyn Jenner’s Instagram post were horrifying. I guess it’s no surprise that folks are put off by an American icon, a former Olympic champion all of a sudden changing genders. But really? Does it require so much hate? I won’t post any of them here. The language and words used are ugly. You can see for yourself in the link I provided, or not and just believe me.

Clearly she deserves the award considering with all the backlash that’s out there, she still steps forward proudly as who she wants to be. That’s called COURAGE folks! She is a hero in the sense of the word for standing up to who she is, and for the others that want to be who they want to be.

I don’t think straight people in this country understand what the LGBT community suffers through constantly. Whether in the past or even now in the present. The bullying, snide remarks, the comments by politicians and lawmakers that degrade them, the struggle to walk down a street and not be picked out for looking effeminate or butch and beaten up. How many times have you heard, “I love the gays, but….” “I have gay friends, I do. But…”

What is different to you, doesn’t need to threaten you. Someone else’s hero status doesn’t take away from another hero’s status.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton is my hero. Susan B Anthony was arrested for voting. She wasn’t allowed so yep, they threw that nice woman in jail. She was quite the activist in those days. Bet you didn’t know that, huh? She lived true to what she believed in, and she made life easier for those that came after her. That’s a hero.

Alice Paul founded the National Women’s Party. These women fought for my right to vote. To be counted. They endured jail, violence, brutality, isolation; all for my right to vote. That’s heroic.

If you thought the scene in Game of Thrones was horrible with Cersei walking naked, and that damn woman and her shame bell, and the crowd being absolutely cruel, then why would you cast insults and sit comfortably at home wishing death or destruction on a person because of their choice on no longer being a man? Should we go back to the medieval days and live in fear or persecution if someone decides they don’t like what you’re doing? “Did you hear, the Jones’ ate meat on Sunday, that’s a sin, we should go burn down their house.”

Caitlyn came forward knowing this would be hard. And she has at least a team of people to help her. She has the financial luxury of security and privacy. She can afford her medications, surgeries and wardrobe.

But for someone in Smalltown, USA who decides they want to do the same, yet they can’t afford any of those things, as well as they need to fear their very life when they step out their door because they’ve put on a dress, or lipstick, whatever; you think that’s okay?


People- heroes come in all shapes and sizes. They are the heroes to the people they are standing up for.

The people who want to change their gender are not doing this like they change a tattoo. They want to be happy, to be free with themselves. They aren’t pedophiles or rapists. They don’t troll women’s bathrooms for the thrill.

Gay people being allowed to marry doesn’t take away from your marriage. Just like my right to vote didn’t take away from all the white men voting. Yeah, only white men got to vote for awhile. There was that whole slavery thing.


Why is this so hard to understand?

Okay, stepping off my soapbox now. Just remember, what you say is an arrow that can’t be put back in the quiver. What you write, is a stone thrown that can’t be unthrown. Are you part of a solution, or the problem?

Your ideas, beliefs and opinions are not the right ideas, beliefs or opinions. They’re just yours. Just like mine are mine.

And like Caitlyn Jenner said, ‘being different isn’t a bad thing.’

caitlyn jenner speech quotes

caitlyn jenner arthur ashe courage espys lgbt






How to dress for a summer wedding

how to dress for a summer wedding frugalista blog

When you get an invitation to a friend’s wedding, do you get as excited as me about the prospects of getting a dress for the occasion? Because let’s be honest- that’s really the first thing I think of!

Of course, after my internal good wishes to the happy couple. But next- what to wear???

I probably own at least 20 (ahem, cough-cough) dresses, or more. I haven’t counted. What I know is that I can’t turn down a dress that makes me feel pretty when I try it on. If the 50s came back and ladies wore dresses like Grace Kelly- I’d be set. Not that I WANT to go back to the 50s, oh you know- minus the civil rights, lack of proper birth control and a whole bunch of other stuff… but I digress.

In this modern age of easy to wear fashion and an almost ‘anything-goes’ dress code, I still like to put forth my best effort and wear what makes me happy.

We recently attended a wedding in Hayden Lake, Idaho. The setting was beautiful. It was an after 5 wedding which can mean a number of things: Black Tie and formal. But considering the setting and the possibility of 90+ degree temps, I didn’t know what could happen. And most often a wedding that is Black Tie will indicate on the invitation and our friends had not stated that. But I knew they had impeccable style, so I had to bring my A game. When you receive an invitation and you’re not sure about what to wear; consider not just the setting, weather, and time of day, but the couple’s personal style as well.

I took two dresses with me for the weekend. I had a long chiffon maxi, and a shorter, fit and flare style. I figured it was good measure to have a back up in case we wanted to head to a nice dinner, or meet up with wedding party friends, or guests for any gatherings/cocktails/brunch, etc.  Thankfully, the temps cooled down considerably for our weekend, so I knew what to wear to what.

Our first night in Idaho, McSweetie and I went to dinner just the two of us. It was nice and relaxed, but I still wanted to feel special. So I opted for the fit and flare dress. I lucked out and found this Taylor brand dress at the Nordstrom Rack for a fraction of its full price!! And do I feel like I’m channeling my inner Grace Kelly? Yes!





Taylor dress from Nordstrom/ Nordstrom Rack Shoes from Nordstrom and bag from Big Buddha

Taylor dress from Nordstrom/ Nordstrom Rack
Shoes from Nordstrom and bag from Big Buddha

taylor dress collage


For the big day, which was a wedding at a country club, I chose the chiffon maxi from Eliza J dresses. Eliza J knows weddings! Whether you’re in a wedding or a guest, mother of the bride or groom, there are so many choices. The floral design of this, with the defined waist and halter shoulders seemed to feel effortless. I loved the color scheme and accessorizing my jewelry and makeup around it was fun too!



Eliza J dress from Nordstrom, retail $158.00

Eliza J dress from Nordstrom, retail $158.00






Eliza J dress, wedding, frugalista blog

Sandals from Marshalls, bag is Big Buddha


frugalista blog, eliza j dresses, weddings

This backdrop- COME ON!
Earrings, Kate Spade, lipstick- Anastasia of Beverly Hills in Carina


So maybe now the next wedding invitation you get in the mail, you’ll have ideas and enthusiasm for dressing up, just as much as I do! Happy wedding season!

Thanks to Eliza J for sending me the dress, thanks to McSweetie and our friends for a fabulous weekend, and thanks to Hayden Lake for being such a gorgeous setting!