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10 Reasons Why Minivans are Cool

I love my minivan. I do. I don’t understand why people diss on them so much. Last year I wrote Mama’s Pimp Wagon  as an ode to my minivan. Maybe I like it so much because it’s a Honda Odyssey that I’ve had for 10 years- DID YOU HEAR THAT HONDA? Yeah, 10 years! Dear God let this not jinx it (knock on wood). It takes me where I need to go, it has heated leather seats, the kids are comfortable. If anyone out there is considering purchasing a minivan- here is why I think they are cool:

  • They rarely get stolen
  • There’s 3 rows of seats. Depending on how many kids you have, you can spread them (the kids) out as far as possible.
  • You can fold the 3rd row seat down very easily and have a picnic back there, or take a spontaneous trip to IKEA and see how many Ulv bookshelves or Torg chairs you can fit.
  • It has 11 cup holders. With 11 cup holders I own the Starbucks drive thru like a boss. Although I’ve never actually ordered 11 drinks at once. But knowing I can, is joy enough.
  • I love pulling up to a valet at some swanky place and handing them the keys and saying, ‘take care of her, she’s my baby’, and then also saying, “don’t mind the cheerios and gold fish crumbs everywhere, or the empty juice boxes, or that subtle but funky puke smell.”
  • You can impress people with your parallel parking skills. Really.
  • At stop lights you can crank up Kidz Bop or Veggie Tales and take on those teeny pecker wagon Preludes with their over-sized mufflers jamming to Li’l Wayne.
  • It’s like having your own party bus, but without the stripper pole and chauffeur.
  • 3 words- Automatic sliding doors. I repeat- Automatic Sliding Doors.
  • It screams commitment and stability. It also screams, we are parents and we have no shame.


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  1. Seriously, I have a new respect for minivans are this post, lol!! 🙂

  2. We had a 2001 Chevy Venture that met an untimely death last spring. That P.O.S. had one sliding door, the AC died many years ago, the passenger side window stopped rolling down about 4 years ago, it had a kickass video cassette player that straight out rocked Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc and A Bugs Life. I loved that P.O.S. more than I loved lasagne. I was heartbroken when we got rear-ended by a taxi cab and it was totaled. Both 15 and I were safe and unharmed because that effing thing was a tank. If we were riding in our Saturn we’d have suffered horrible injuries. Therefore, your Ode to the Minivan and your Top 10 Reasons Minivans are Cool really hit home for me. I drive a Chevy Equinox now but I still owe a lot to that old Venture.

  3. Sandy tabick says:

    Good for you and your van…… it is utterly practical, roomy and great…and the longevity is fabulous…. my present is 21 yrs old, and about to head out to its graveyard….but its been a pleasure…and a 16yr old …. and its as cozy comfy today as when new…..enjoy… when they’re around this long they become characters in our lives….

  4. Mine is 12. My son broke the automatic part of one of the sliding door’s locks by yanking it up manually, so if someone gets out and shuts the door without pushing the lock down, I reach over with a piece of broken ballet barre (tornado memento) and whack it down. As my mom says, po’ folks has po’ ways.

  5. Christopher Tipper says:

    I consider myself first and foremost a car guy. I spend basically every free waking second thinking about what car I want to get next, etc. One day in 1998 when our kids were 0 and 2 I was backing our Saab 9000 Turbo out of the garage with both kids in the back. I had an epiphany. I swear the weather went from cloudy and gray to clear and bright. I would swear in court I heard angels singing “ta daaa”! It was as if I’d just woken up and realized I had to stop fighting it and get a minivan! Which then began the shopping process. (another story) But that minivan – 1999 Honda Odyssey – drove us and the kids from Chicago to Seattle via Vancouver BC, to DC and back, and other smaller trips. My mother in law bought it off of us in 2004. It’s still going strong (-ish). It has zero functioning sliding doors and a host of other issues, but it freakin’ runs.


  6. This is perfect and makes me miss my minivan. We just got an SUV and I want the minivan back.

    • There are times of driving a fancy car one day, but I feel so bonded with this thing, I can’t imagine something else!

  7. I have an oddessy as well and LOVE it!! With four kids I can’t imagine having anything else! You hit this nail right on the head!!

  8. I am right there with you! When we finally purchased a new Mini Van (my husband stopped traveling and needed a new car. Our 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan was 12 years old. We love it, so we bought another one. Now he drives the old one, and I got the decked out new one. It has a sun roof, heated leather seats a two screen video system that you can actually hook up video game systems to via the red/yellow/white plugs on the wall. Or you can just watch a dvd. It is has a Hard Drive built right into the stereo so that I don’t have to listen to radio and I don’t have to carry a million cd’s. I can just load the music right on there like an mp3 player. It has two power doors and the third row of seats flip over for tailgating at soccer games. On top of all that the middle row seats swivel and face backwards and there is a table you can put up for on the go play between sibs. I LOVE my van!

  9. I have only been a part of the minivan group for about six months. Before I got one, I swore I never would. But, I love it…for all the above reasons and more. 🙂

  10. Last year, we rented a minivan for a long trip. I have to say, it was pretty sweet. But there is still a part of me that just can’t go there yet. I think I’m still unwilling to admit I’m a suburban mom. I’m in denial. Still. After 6+ years. Sigh.

  11. amy lomnicky says:

    I love my mini-van. It is spacious, has lots of cup holders and the sliding doors have saved many other people’s cars from being dinged.

  12. Frugie girl, I am sure you have the coolest Odyssey on the planet. I could so see us doing an MNO singing bad 90s hip-hop. All right stop collaborate and listen – wtf does that even mean? My son would love one- it’s those sliding doors, but I work in downtown Chicago and my CR-V is like an OB tampon car. In spaces large or small it fits GREAT!

  13. Two years ago, we rented a minivan for a road trip with extended family. I still dream about those automatic sliding doors…

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