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A-holes and paginas. And other funny stories from Baby Sideburns

There’s a new book in town. And it’s called, I Heart My Little A-holes. And it’s written by the incredibly famous and hilarious Karen of the blog, Baby Sideburns.

Either you know about Baby Sideburns and you’re all like, “F- yeah, I can’t wait for this book!”. Or you’re like, “who the heck is Baby Sideburns and why does she call her kids a-holes?”

Well, let me explain. Sideburns blew on to the scene, in my opinion, when she wrote about what not to buy her kids for Christmas. That shiz was FUNNY. She had thousands of people sharing it all over Facebook and she has some of THE most loyal fans on Facebook. You can read the sequel to that post here. (The original post is actually in her book, makes you want to buy it know, huh?)

And I’m like, who is this hilarious woman that let’s it all out? I mean, ALL of it, OUT?

Calling your kids a-holes isn’t something most parents do. But let’s admit, we want to. Because I know that my little shits are sometimes a-holes! AMIRIGHT?

She’s written an entire book on her vantage as a mom to two wonderful little angels, Zoe and Holden. Also known as Pagina Whisperer and Poop Machine. Okay, that’s not entirely true, but oh man, there’s a lot of stories about poop. And vaginas. Funny stories.

Like, this one- Ten poopie diaper scenarios that make me wish kids were born without tushes. Or this one- tents are awesome until one kid poops and it’s like a Dutch oven that singes all of your nose hairs. And this one- 10 GIANT reason I hate Mother-F’ing Caillou.

The thing about Karen is, she has a huge heart. Really. Even while she’s writing about clitoris cupcakes and exhibitionists in locker rooms, she is balls to the wall honest. She even touches on the scary and very real, post-partum depression. She is honest about every doubt you have ever had as a parent. Every moment you wondered, WTF?

From TSA lines to Gymboree dates, she covers all the bases.

And something else you might not know, I got to meet Karen. Yep. We are total BFFs. We snuggled a baby together, got to dance with Shark vacuum guys and did our I Just Want To Pee Alone book signing together, all while in Chicago for BlogHer 2013.

Okay, where can I buy this, is what you’re thinking, right?

Here you go- click the big book cover to take you to where to buy it. And warning- no pearl clutchers or faint of hearts allowed. Only people who want to laugh until they pee their pants and don’t get in a tizzy reading about poop, vaginas, F words, a-holes, poop, vaginas…. you get the picture.



BlogHer 2013 L to R, that’s Dancing Shark guy, Funny PostPartum Lady, Me, A.D.D. Music Mama and Baby Sideburns and another Dancing Shark Guy. She is totally pinching his ass isn’t she?

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