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Aloha, and all that stuff.

Greetings from the island of Maui! We are ridiculously enjoying ourselves. I mean, come on, the beaches, the weather, the chillax vibe. It’s awesome.

But it’s not perfect every minute of every day. Because I’m human, a female, and neurotic, I will manage to fuck things up one way or another. Not entirely. But it goes something like this.

Vacations are hard work. Sometimes in the midst of the planning, you’re like, ‘screw this, it’s easier to stay home’. Between the pet sitters, packing, laundry before hand, cleaning house so your pet sitter doesn’t think you’ve been ransacked, and logistics arranging- its like a team of special forces just to get out the door.

I’m always afraid of glitches. So here’s what went down. Bear with me- I’m whining a little and I know it’s First World Problem shit, but still.

I forgot my makeup.

Yeah, whatever, no big deal. I don’t think you understand how important my product is to me. I am a makeup guru/whore. I have every product, cosmetic, whatever, under the sun. So forgetting my bag of all things to get me through this trip, on my bathroom counter, that I realized when we were cruising at 30,000 feet- kinda pissed me off. Waterproof mascara, concealer, powder, lipstick… you know, stuff that keeps me from looking like death warmed over. And since it’s a special trip, there were times I wanted to look special.

It’s stupid to be sad over, I know. I go without makeup a lot. We’ve been at the beach and pool, and it’s not like I need it. Although, some of these pictures, I would like to look back on in 20 years and say, ‘i looked nice there’, not ‘gee, do you think I could’ve made the effort to cover those bags under my eyes and rosacea?’

So yeah. Wah, wah, me.

THEN- Emma forgot one of her swimsuits.

We’re heavy believers of spares around here. Spare hats, flip flops, spare socks. You get the idea. Having one suit on a trip heavily focused around swimming and beach time, is kind of tricky. Especially since after a morning at the beach, sand is in places you didn’t know could get to. So when you head into the pool, it’s kinda nice to change in to a fresh suit.

Lucky for Emma, we found a cute discount swim shop and she walked out of there with the cutest board short, bikini top ensemble that we wouldn’t have found on the Mainland. Plus, it’s made in Hawaii so it’s a great purchase.

As for me, we found a drugstore so I could get some essentials. It’s fine. I’ll manage. But on top of the whole makeup debacle- I broke my sunglasses at the airport. I know- seriously people!!

Found a cheap pair at a souvenir shop that will do just fine.

Little things folks, little things.

Here’s the good news- The condo is fabulous. We got here safely. Our rental car is butt ugly but runs fine. The kids are healthy. So far I’m healthy (minus a migraine the first day). McSweetie is sporting an island afro only he can pull off. It’s a little windy and humid here. But I love the fact that he’s able to unwind and not be so uptight and he’s getting his vacation groove on.

So there you go.

I will release to my neurosis the desire for things to be perfect and just accept things as they are.

Mahalo for reading!


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  1. Mahalo for posting!
    So glad you are sorting things out and starting to relax.
    But please post a pic of McSweetie’s island afro.
    Carry on having rest and fun.
    Love you xx

  2. Sounds like a typical vacation, EXCEPT that you got to go to Hawaii. Have a great time.

  3. I cannot tell you how many times vacation actually started with me in tears from all the plotting, planning, packing, repacking, logistical nightmares…and the requisite migraine. Glad you are settling in to your vacation groove and hope you do it up right.

  4. So jealous! We were on Maui last summer. I would love to go back! It is such a great place.

    I have a story for you. We were going on a 2 week vacation and had a house sitter. I cleaned my butt off to make the house nice for her. Two weeks later we stagger back home after a 10 hour flight and huge problems with the bus company that was supposed to pick us up at LAX and bring us home. So mininmal sleep for a bout 24 hours. We opened the door and my very first thought was “Wrong house. It’s too clean!” Yep. Didn’t even recognize my own house! So I so sympathize concerning the cleaning for the house sitter!

  5. Sarah @momrunningonempty says:

    We only take 2 week vacations now because of how stressed I get leading up to them. Between packing planning and traveling, it takes me most of the first week to actually wind down 🙂

  6. Carrie G says:

    Reminds me of our Spring Break trip this year. Found a way to enjoy our vacation despite many lost/broken/forgotten things that tried to bring us down!!! We were all healthy and together to enjoy family time in some fabulous places, so that’s what counts. Trust me, I know how much work it is to go on vacation, so it’s best to relax and enjoy it as much as possible!!!

  7. Do the drive to Hana!! Like, seriously! Stop at Waianapanapa state park (black sand beach and cave swimming complete with princess myth), also get directions to the Blue pool on that route. And early on stop in Paia on the corner for fish burgers. To. Die. For. Gah! The motherland! Have fun!!

  8. “Joy is the best makeup.” -Anne Lamott


  9. I always forget something. Last time I forgot to pack pants for myself. I ended up wearing my husbands pants at night and rewashing my pants every night.