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Big or small, old or young, I’m letting them all have the fun.

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Just a short message from me today.

There has been so much discussion, blogs, and articles about the appropriate age for trick or treating. When are kids too old? What’s the cut off age?

Well, isn’t it funny how we constantly point out that the kids today seem to be leaving childhood behind so quickly? Whether it’s how they dress, use social media, are exposed to sex and violence, etc.

So on this holiday of fun and child’s play, let’s let the kids be kids. Whether they are 5 or 15.

If someone comes to my house in a costume and politely says ‘Trick or Treat” I will give them candy. If they look like they probably drove here with their friends in their dad’s car, that’s okay.

My kids are 11 and 14. Our neighborhood is one of those neighborhoods families drive to to take their kids door to door. It’s busy and bustling, kids and families are out in packs. My kids are trick or treating.

Emma, 14, is heading out with a group of her friends. And I’m certain that because they will handle themselves appropriately, they will get candy at every door they knock on.

Owen is with a bunch of kids age 11 to 14. They will go door to door as well.

Because they are all still kids!!

My friend Jen over at Real Life Parenting said that when a teenager comes to her door without a costume and seems to expect candy, she tells them they can have the candy but after they sing a song or do a dance. It makes great entertainment around their friends!

I love that idea. Remember the old, old, old days where Halloween was more tricks? Kids soaping windows, building bon fires in the middle of the town square, throwing flour on folks? Okay, I watch a lot of old movies and Little House.

So I’m letting the kids be kids. Everyone gets candy here.

Of course, it might be some leftover Easter candy or last year’s candy, but hey- Tricks on you!

Happy Halloween.

Be safe.

Frugie Halloween Let the kids trick or treat


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  1. I’m with you. I don’t mind the older kids coming to the door, provided they are respectful and don’t knock the little ones off my porch.

    • 🙂 I’m all about supporting people who want to have fun!! Age is no issue–if an adult comes to the door in costume, they get candy.

      Who am I to crap in someone’s pillow case?!

  2. The thing I fondly remember most about my childhood is that I was a kid, for as long as I could be. I didn’t get myself into the drug, sex or alcohol scene, I was pretty nerdy, I was the president of the environmental club, I wasn’t embarrassed by my parents, I LOVED board game night with my family, I played sports, I believed in Santa until I was 12… AND I trick or treated in a costume until I was 17. And I loved every minute of it. That’s what I would want for my kids.

  3. I completely agree. People complain when kids are growing up too fast but then complain when they trick or treat. There are way too many bigger things to worry about than doing an id check on teens trick or treating.

  4. In the town we go to, the little kids go out earlier when it’s still light out and the older kids come out when it gets dark.
    Nobody minds, they wear costumes and everybody has fun. I’m with you – as long as they want to have fun, why not?
    It’s Halloween. They’re kids for such a short time.