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Buy the book and I will show my pasties. I mean pastries.

It’s come to this. Bribery. Yep. Or mutual favors. Either one, you be the judge.

Like Mama Morton says in the musical Chicago,

“They say that life is tit for tat
And that’s the way I live
So, I deserve a lot of tat
For what I’ve got to give”

So yeah. Reciprocity.

Buy. The. Book.

You heard me. Did I whisper? No.


Here’s why. We are working our balls off to get on the New York Times Best Seller List. It’s a big flippin’ deal.

Self-published works just don’t get there. So we want to sell a bajillion more copies than Danielle Steel or that smutty E.L. Whatsherface James.  Because we’re super lady writers.

It’s a bit like the little engine that could. Or David and Goliath. Or when Laura beat Nellie Olsen in that horse race in Walnut Grove. I’m not really sure where I’m going with this, but the point is to buy the book. How about several and give them as gifts. And then spread the word for everyone to buy the book.

What’s in it for you? Geeze people. It’s like you’re never satisfied. Not only do I give you a truly juicy book of stories, but I guess I need to sweeten the deal. Huh?


If we get to the New York Times best seller list:

I, Frugalista Blog, will create a video of myself ordering in my local Starbucks Drive Thru while topless.

You heard (read) me. Topless.

Okay, in order not to get arrested, there might need to be some nipple coverage. We’ll figure that out.

Deal? Deal.

So go on. What are you waiting for? Order it!!

Click here to order via Amazon



Barnes & Noble

Frugie goes commando to get on the NYT list

*commando (sort of) but not arrested.

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  1. WAY TO TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM! I love this idea and I love you!

  2. Naughty naughty.

  3. This is so happening. MAKE IT SO.

  4. Well, sounds like I’m buying a plane ticket so I can come see this fun!! 😉 (I bought my copy–through your Amazon link, even! … So I’m doing my part to get you *naked!!)

  5. You’re my hero.

  6. This is the stuff NYT best selling dreams are made of. Proud to be in the pages with you, lady.

  7. You’re going to put pastries on your breasts? That’s crazy stuff. 🙂
    Good luck! I hope it’s wildly successful.

  8. You “might” be a little bit crazy, but I like it. Ellen

  9. You kill me. I love you.

  10. Too funny! I just bought my copy!! Can’t wait to get it!