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Chicken in a Biskit- a video

I try to be healthy. I do. But once in awhile I find something that takes me to the dark side of snacking. Here you go-

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  1. Christopher Tipper says:


    very very funny. So – the cracker isn’t vegetarian. Right? But was the cheese dairy free then?

    and to be Debbie Downer, have you read this New York Times Sunday Magazine Article?

    how much did the dog end up getting?


    • The dog ended up getting only a few crackers. She did make that weird noise at the end!
      I forgot to mention that the easy cheese, not only being an excellent source of calcium, has real cheese in it. Mostly whey though. So between the crackers and the cheese, I was eating meat and dairy. So even though they are processed, surprisingly, they have real components in them. I have not read your Debbie Downer article yet but I will.

  2. Thanks, a ton. I sat here smiling with my eyes in little heart shapes for 5 minutes, 36 seconds. At work. Everyone thinks I’m looking at cute puppy pics. Or porn.


  3. Dying. Just dying over here!! LOL I love this more than, well, hmmmm, I don’t know. I love this more than Chicken in a Biskit!!

  4. I was laughing so hard! I’m a KC girl & eat the meat! I can pretend to be some non-meat eater…but…BARBEQUE! Anyhoo…I think the same thinks when I eat the processed stuffs…and try so hard not to…but…those chemicals are freaking delicious!

    *ahem* That is all. Carry on.

  5. Those crackers are unnaturally good.

    You are unnaturally adorable.

  6. Osteoperosis be damned!!
    Why is only one hand of fingernails painted?
    You crack me up.
    That’s all.

  7. Oh Frugie, you have made my day. I was really needing a Frugie video fix. I snorted several times (not like the dog). Love this, love you, love Chicken in a Biskit, do not love Gwenyth. That is all.

  8. You’re a freakin’ riot!!


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