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Downton Abbey returns. Bloody hell it’s about time.

And thank goodness tonight’s premiere is 2 hours long.

I am in withdrawals over all the goings on with the Granthams, the Crawleys and O’Brien and Daisy and the rest of the folks downstairs.

How will Mary be after Matthew’s death?

Will we see sweet little baby Sybill?

Will Edith be in love with that married man?

And of course, what will the Dowager Countess say?

I will be tuning in with tea and biscuit in hand.

Shh… mom’s watching Downton Abbey.

lady violet quotes Downton Abbey



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lady violet downton abbey quotes

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  1. Christopher Tipper says:


    You forgot “What’s a weekend?”

    Despite the fact it’s going to be bloody cold out tonight, we’re going to a friend’s to watch the season premiere. I’m making scones. She’s an assortment of teas. She got something from PBS that has a DVD of the castle. Going to watch that first.

    Yup. Big bunch of dorks!


    • I didn’t include that one on purpose. It’s all over the internet already. I gave these other zingers more exposure!

  2. Only 5+hours! Can’t wait!!

  3. Christopher Tipper says:


    Okay. We watched it last night on a different (and much bigger) TV at a friend’s house.

    Has Lady Mary always looked like a vampire with an eating disorder?


  4. But. But. Matthew actually DIED?? I was hoping he survived. I’m so sad. *sobs


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