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Guest post- Naps Happen

My friend Alicia at the blog, Naps Happen has provided a charming guest post for you to read today. Please enjoy. And follow Alicia’s naps on her blog if you aren’t already!



So Rebecca told me she was having a couple of guest bloggers, and since I had just had a birthday, I was reminded of this kamikaze nap situation from two years ago. Imagine the scene:

Well folks, it’s my birthday. You know in When Harry Met Sally when Sally wails “And I’m going to be forty….some daaayyyy!” That day is now just one year away for me. Where did my life go? How did I become older than the oldest age of the main characters in When Harry Met Sally?

This all makes me feel like taking a nap.

Luckily for me, I got the most fabulous nap photos while my husband and the boys were baking my cake. Like any good father, Dan gave the boys the icing bowl to scrape, and they fell upon it like wolf pups, wielding beaters and rubber spatulas. You’d think this type of activity and its inevitable sugar rush would keep your children UP. We like to be different here.

All sugared out.

I actually witnessed this in action, but the camera battery was dead and I missed making a video of My 3yo’s arm slowly dropping the spatula to the ground. This happened in a matter of seconds, while my husband’s back was turned. The 5yo, ever the opportunist, was unfazed.

Hm. Guess this means I get it all?

Having a twitching, snoozing toddler next to him only seemed to fuel his desire to consume the last traces of frosting from the bowl.

You snooze, you lose, buddy.

The little one’s sleeping expression makes it seem almost as if he KNOWS he has lost his remaining share of the bowl.

Eh. There will be other cakes.

The oldest exacts his pound of flesh frosting for past insults from his brother.

I think you missed a spot, dude.

May all your own birthdays be this delicious…and well-rested.

Alicia is best known for her blog Naps Happen, where she curates an ever-expanding selection of hilarious children’s nap photos. Proving the popularity of a good snooze, her blog has been featured online in publications such as the Huffington Post and Parade and on parenting websites, including Babble, Babycenter, and Nickmom and she also was voted into the Circle of Moms Top 25 Funny Mom Blogs in 2011 and 2012 and Babble named her a Top 20 Baby Photo Blog in 2013. When she’s not blogging, Alicia spends her time wrangling two small boys and teaching college writing in the suburbs of Washington D.C.

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