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Happy Holidays. Frugie Style.

I don’t know about you, but the holidays can suck the living poo out of me. The final few days leading up to Christmas Eve are exhausting. If you’ve ever had to build a Playmobil Pirate Ship of 1200 pieces, your sanity will be tested. So will your sobriety. Waiting until those kids are asleep can’t come fast enough on the eve of baby Jesus’ birth.

You slip Benadryl in to their cocoa and tiptoe into the gift hiding area, do the gift thing, stockings, drink the milk, take a few bites of cookie to prove to the kids all that Santa jazz, then crawl into bed to have your youngest be up in your nose by 5 am anxious to peek under the tree.

The next 16 hours will be a blur of gift wrap, those plastic carton things that cut like a shiv, the zip ties that require hedge trimmers to open…the cooking, the drinking, the coping with family. At about 9 pm you can barely keep your eyes open. If the hubs comes anywhere near to your vicinity, you want to cut a bitch. So here’s my solution-

Think of this as my living Christmas card. From me to you.




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  1. I loved the poncho and ‘you are not tapping this’ is so something I could see myself needing/saying right about now. Seriously loved this and you are truly just awesome!!

  2. Still snickering. In the nicest possible way, not a snarky snicker. The outfit is very…um…modest. The Hubs will be all over that! Who needs crotchless Santa Panties? You rock it!

  3. How creepy would it be to tell you that I had a long flannel ruffly nightgown AND cap like that when I was 4??? I do believe you wore it better than I did.

    I’m still repeating “You are not tapping this…..”

  4. OLE Grey is clearly the way to go. I’m going to invent a sleeve tissue dispenser for you. I loved watching this. You are the cutest Little Lady on My Prarie.

  5. My vote is for the “Pa-jawn-cho” and I’d like it in blue please.

  6. “Ponchos go with Mexican things…” My favorite. You’re the most adorable modern-day Laura Ingalls!

  7. I LOVE your couch! Like, madly in love with the print! Pairing it with your outfit is questionable, but I love the couch.

  8. I hate to tell ya sister, but noboby wants to tap Mother Hubbard. So mission accomplished. Great vlog, btw.