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I luv me some strays

If I had all the money in the world, I would adopt every cat, kitten, dog and puppy that needed a home. I would need a really big house. And lots of kitty litter. Plus, can you imagine the vacuuming? I barely keep up with the two furry critters that I have.

Interestingly enough, the only time I have ‘bought’ a kitten from a farm or breeder, it ended up dying within 6 weeks from FIP. Feline Infectious Peritonitis. A very contagious, deadly infection that has no cure.

It broke our hearts. So when we got a new kitty, what better way to adopt one than out of some guy’s van in a Safeway parking lot?

Almost like a crack deal in a back alley; he showed us the kitten, covered in fleas, barely old enough to be away from its mama. It was climbing over pizza boxes and Burger King wrappers on the floor of the back seat. We paid the guy 20 bucks for his trouble. Or maybe just to go buy more Whoppers with cheese. Who knows? It just seemed better to give him money for this whiny little fuzz ball.

We drove straight to the pet store and got all the flea products available.

We bathed him, dried him, combed his fleas off, and snuggled him. Boy he  was cute. And little.

I took him to the vets the next morning and sure enough he needed de-worming. Good Lord. How could such a little thing be so infested?

He was too little to climb the stairs to the laundry room where we kept the litter box. And the de-worming meds gave him the runs. So we set up a shoe box downstairs with litter. As soon as he would start to pop a squat, we put him in the little box. Ugh. It was nasty! Poor thing. He would sit there with his eyes closed pooping up a storm of nasty brown soft serve.

He had a few accidents on the couch. What had we gotten ourselves into?!

I’m not doing a very good job convincing you to adopt a stray, am I?!

Once the worming issue was taken care of and he could use the litter box upstairs, we settled in with life with a cat and our dog, Sophie, who we had also adopted years earlier.

If I told you the cat nursed on the dog would you believe me? Yeah. That was a little strange. He had mother issues for sure. The dog put up with it three times. After that, she growls whenever the cat comes near. Now I think SHE has issues.

The last time they were ever this close. Still a better love story than Twilight. #LUVSOME

The last time they were ever this close. Still a better love story than Twilight.

We named the cat Pluto because he was so tiny he looked like he was a tossed out planet in the solar system of cats. Well he showed us.

Now he’s a 20 pound regal beast. He thinks he’s so cool. Mostly he just sits around all day and eats. And eats. And sleeps. And knocks shit off the counters.

If I did ever run that shelter with all my fur babies found from dumpsters, freeways and minivans in parking lots, I would feed them all LUVSOME pet food.

The nice folks at LUVSOME sent me a switch kit to ‘wean’ Pluto off his fancy pants food that is super expensive and I have to go across town for. I got coupons for free dry food and wet food and did the switch. He’s not happy with change, but he’s also not happy with starving.

frugalista blog on #luvsom

So now I don’t have to go all over creation but can get LUVSOME at Kroger stores anywhere. There’s crude protein and meat meal and whole grains in their products, and better stuff than some humans eat!

You know what else I like about LUVSOME? Besides their incredible price and quality ingredients? They partner with Best Friends Animal Society to help give all sweet furries loving homes.

See? We’re like minds LUVSOME and me! So go ahead and support them and then McSweetie doesn’t need me to complain about all the cat boxes I’d have to scoop.

Two of my readers will win a Switch Kit pack, coupons for free food, and a $50 gift card to spend at Kroger stores.

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I was given product and compensation for this post by LUVSOME but all words and thoughts are my own. Thankyouverymuch.

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  1. Awwwww so sweet!!! And geez what a fluffy ass cat!!!

  2. Kitties and doggies HUGGING? I die.

  3. Love my shelter dog. And good food is so important.

  4. What I love most about my dog is that she always knows when I need cheering up. She’s the best!

  5. All of our cats have been shelter or rescue cats! Our last was a rescue from a crazy woman, he is lucky we got him out of there. But, Lord Percival is happy and spoiled rotten now and coming on to 25 pounds at 2 years old! Would love to try something different, it might help our sweet Sadie and her throwing on the bed, in the middle of the night, right in the middle, so we have to change the bed and sleep on a towel(s) on the wet spot. And we did not get to create that wet spot…

  6. I love the playful attitude that my pet has

  7. Sents Saver says:

    I love how sweet my cat is, he loves to cuddle and play all day!

  8. Poppy and Lola are my two cats I’ve had for 9 years. They are both the best snugglers and mouse catchers around. Lola always sleeps with my daughter and Poppy always sleeps with my son. Our dog Honey is a great guard dog, amazing with the kids and have a fetish for eating and chewing up anything and everything!!

  9. My boys were both rescues. One from petsmart, who’s currently laying on my arm. The other was the runt of an abandoned litter someone found under their porch. He’s now 28 lbs… not a runt anymore.

  10. I love that my pet is so cuddly.

  11. What a great story! We have a stray too. My hubby brought her home after talking to a farmer that was going to get rid of her. His daughter brought her in from the freezing temps outside, but he was not a sentimental man and wanted her gone. (Not in a good way either.) So now she’s a giant lump of cat that loves everyone. 🙂

  12. I love that my pets always cuddle with my son when he is not feeling well. He has an immunodiffency dissorder and gets sick a lot. usually they are how I iknow when he is getting sick.