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It’s a vlog again.

Does anyone out there actually LIKE Kristen Stewart? I mean, if she were my neighbor or roommate in college, I’m sure I would be perfectly pleasant with her. We might actually go out for coffee. No we wouldn’t. Because I couldn’t take the ‘thumbs up’ habit  and awkward she exudes for even five minutes.

Not that this vlog is all about my dislike of good ol’ K. Stew. But I do review Snow White and the Huntsman. And give a stunning example of her performance.

It’s a decent movie. Don’t get me wrong. And I went with a girl friend and we had a great time. So I’m not complaining. Well, sort of. I’ve seen soap opera actors do a better job than she does. Why does she continue to get work in the industry? It’s annoying.

So with that- here’s the latest vlog.

It’s pretty entertaining. I’m drinking and eating in it. My cat has a cameo. I pay honor to the Queen, not the evil queen in the movie- the Queen of England sillies!

It’s like a Jubilee/movie review/vlog/ extravaganza!

OH and good news- there’s no copyright issues so it should work on mobile devices!


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  1. Lol funny stuff. I’m hoping to see the Hunstman tomorrow.

  2. Stephanie Price says:

    I love you! Kristen Stewart SUCKS!!!

  3. I’m shipping that little shit, Kristin, some exlax. Then maybe she can enjoy a damn smile. Cheers!! xoxo

  4. You are so hilarious! Love your vlogs… and your blog!! 🙂

  5. That was so awesome. 1) Kristen Stewart could seduce me wth no effort so long as she was wearing a gag in her mouth, 2) Kristen “like” Stewart says “like” more often then she blinks, 3) eating a british cupcake after that vlog is equivilant to Moses parting the Red Sea after flushing the toilet upon passing a deuce.

  6. Still need to watch the vlog (you know I LOve your vlogs) but as to K Stew… I just had this short debate with friends on saturday. They can’t stand her. Here’s my take (hopefully without sounding like either a lesbian or a fan). I find her that term often applied to some actresses, which is “luminous”. She’s photogenic and had beautiful skin with that brown hair. There are SO few dark haired ‘white girls’ out there who look do good on screen. Most are some obvious culture, Latina or Spanish or mixed race. K Stew is like Juno, only way prettier. Don’t know what anybody said in twilight but for some reason I’m fascinated by watching her. Also, I respect the fact that she’s not hyper poised or behaving falsely perfect and groomed like other young actresses. She has the humility to be awkward and the grace to not try to change it. Lord knows the entertainment world lacks that kind of authenticity. I think people don’t like her because she doesn’t behave as their brains expect her to, so there’s cognitive dissonance which causes nigglings in the subconscious and makes many people strongly dislike her. The girl has an amazing head of hair. Just sayin’. Props to that hair and skin. Makes me envious. Lordy. I do sound like a lesbian fan. Not. Swear.

    • PS her mouth thing does bug me though. The bottom lip tick. She looks like a guppy trying to suck when out of the water. I do find that irksome.

    • Ha! So funny! Great (accurate) impression 🙂 I’ll be seeing this movie on a 5 riyal black market DVD from the souk…probably next weekend. Aside from the sound of popcorn, and shadows of heads walking past to pee, it’s almost like being IN the theatre. (see how I switched the R and and E? In honor of the queen… Etc)

  7. For years I couldn’t quite put my finger on why I can’t stand Kristen Stewart. But now I know it’s basically everything she does or says.
    You are the Vlog Queen, this was hysterical. Love your little captions. The one about the nail polish killed me.

  8. am without sound right now will check this out when home. contin ue…

  9. Oh my Dear you are wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Well done, that was hilarious. Kristen Stuart is a social anxiety nightmare. You would think she could afford some Xanax by now. I will give her one accolade though; when it comes to acting, she blows Taylor Lautner out of the water. Although that’s kind of like deciding which piece of shit smells better. Funny post.

  11. I love that I was insinuated in your vlog.. :)). Totally agree about KS.. She’s a tool. However, you know how I feel about Charles Hemingway… I mean Chuck Heming.. I mean.. I mean. You know what I mean!! ;-).

  12. Bravo!