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June Beauty Box five review and un-boxing

Only 6 months until Christmas! Sorry? Too soon? Too soon.

BUT, but, I can get excited for my Beauty Box five that came this month. Which is like Christmas in the mail each time. 

Remember, 5 items, $12, some full size items or deluxe samples.

This month’s box had a treasure trove of goodies.

Probably my favorite thing is the nail polish called Nicka K New York . I love this polish and have used it before from a different subscription box! The color they sent is a deep red which I have a wardrobe of for my toes.

Is there always a mascara in my BB5? I think so! How helpful is that of them? This month’s is Glam Natural Mascara. And guess what? It’s GLUTEN FREE! I know from several friends that gluten free is important even in hygiene products and makeup. I wasn’t aware of other gluten free brands, so now we know of this one. How cool is that?

Organix Coconut Water Shampoo and Conditioner uses the beloved ingredient, coconut and leaves out the nasty sulfate ingredients. Tthey sent a little sample packet of this which will go in my airline travel bag. I should use it first to try it, but I always save those travel packets, for well, travel. Also, I like Organix products and I think I’ll certainly like this one.

The Eslor Calming Kit introductory collection really interests me. I always am looking for skin care that is gentle for my sensitive, Rosacea prone complexion. Maybe this will agree with me. These were also little sample packets but I dove in to the cleanser and liked it.

Oh my goodness. You know what Emma is addicted to lately? Shower gel that smells like baked goods. I know. Who knew? Well this Vita Bath Body Wash in pink frosting is delish. I mean, it SMELLS delish, of course. I didn’t eat it. I love that it is also without yucky chemicals. Maybe if I wash with this every morning it will satisfy my donut binging. Hmm. Probably not.



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  1. Never too soon to talk Christmas! Okay, I might have to go sign up for Beauty Box. I have had and am LOVING Ogx’s Coconut Water shampoo and conditioner–the other products look great too!