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Magic Mom the Music Video

I’ve done it again. I’ve created movie magic in the name of my blog.

I was inspired by my amazing ability to find things in plain sight for my family members. It truly is magic. I’m like a fucking magician every blessed day.

So I got out my magic wand (okay, it’s Owen’s wand from his Harry Potter costume- just go with it) and performed some magic tricks. Set to music- of course!!

And just keep in mind, it is meant to be completely ridiculous- Jay Z, I am not.

Enjoy. (sorry friends, this will not load to mobile devices due to YouTube copyright laws. I don’t make the rules, I just play by them. Please go to a laptop or something and watch, ‘mkay?)

Magic Mom Music Video

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  1. I just love you!!! This is fabulous of course!! Feel free to come perform your magic at my house anytime!

  2. Loved the video! We ave lived in this house for 2 years and if I have to hear hubby say one more time that he doesn’t know where something is or goes in the kitchen…well I won’t be reponsible for my actions!

  3. Video won’t load…:( A sad

  4. Argh… πŸ™‚

  5. I liked it! πŸ™‚ And congrats on not doing a face plant while playing twister – things were looking a little perilous for a minute there. Lol

  6. Hilarious and painfully true. We call it “looking like a man” when you can’t find the milk in front of your face. Well played, Magic Mom.

  7. You are too freakin cute for words…I look forward to your videos every time! πŸ™‚

  8. Loves the Twister Game!!

  9. As a young boy I recall never being able to find anything that was in plain sight, except Xmas presents and Easter eggs. My mom had the magic wand too. That crab position you were doing in Twister was delicious (just the wrong camera shot)!

  10. Oh this was awesome on a few levels. One, the whole “no one used the last toliet paper sheet.” I need a magic wand at my house I think that would make all the difference in changing the toilet paper roll! Secondly, about half way through my son came in to see what I was watching, he’s 5. At this point you were kinda waving your wand around as if shooting things, well he took it as you were shooting him. Imagine my boy, taking shots from your magic wand. Lastly, “Mom, I can’t find the milk.” This happens with various items at our house, including but not limited to THE TOILET PAPER ROLL!! <3 ya Frug!