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Maxi pad? No. Maxi dress.

I swore last summer you wouldn’t find me in a maxi dress. It sounded ridiculous. I hate the name- Maxi dress. Why not just call them long dresses? Or, I don’t know- dresses?

I like to go to Target and buy my maxi dresses in a size small. I feel it gives me some cosmic satisfaction. Like jumbo shrimp. An oxymoron.

Who’s calling who a moron? Not me!

Okay, here goes- 10 reasons to wear a maxi dress and why I’ll be living in them this summer. Yes- it’s called crow- and I’m eating a tasty dish of it as I type this. In my maxi dress. I did get mine at Target- a basic black one that will make me look chic no matter what.

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  1. That thing looks darn comfortable! Sadly, I’m 5’1″ so when I go to buy a maxi dress I look like I’m wearing a bedspread. I envy the tall folks who can pull it off. My big goal in life is to be 5’6″.

  2. I wear only cotton dresses during the summer because I can’t afford the therapy associated with trying on shorts. So, I approve of your maximum maxi dress wearing. p.s. you are cute.

    • Oh, and the short shorts in the stores this year? Damn them!! You’re cute too. oxox

  3. For all the reasons you listed, Maxi dresses are a gift from God.

  4. I bought one last year and loved it. I am 5’2″ and about 105 lbs, but seriously so great to cover up a bloating belly full from those frappacinos for damn sure!! And I agree you look great in yours!! 🙂

    • well you tiny thing you! Thank you and there’s also the bloat from margaritas on the patio. So yeah, it’s a win-win.

  5. sandy tabick says:

    Love long dresses, or mid`calf dresses, thin thin cotton ones, with cool sundress top style….but ~ ~ what are ‘camel toes’ …… if I”m asking a stupid ‘I should know’ question, just pm me….

    • uhm, oh boy, this is AWKWARD… let’s see, it’s when you’re pants fit too tight – in front- hence, it looks like a camel’s toe. (ask Megan, she’ll tell you!)

  6. Kristi Meyers says:

    You look so cute in it. Maybe I’ll try one on…

  7. You look gorgeous! I freakin love the maxi dress, but I too wish it went by a different name…

  8. I laughed out loud when I saw the title of this post because for the last few days all I can think of buying is a long maxi dress!! I love your reasons and I love your fashion shots!! You look beautiful in all three looks!! Now I must go and buy my dress!!

  9. Tell me, oh wise one, how does one with “junk in the trunk and birthing hips” look in a maxi dress? Also, I’m about 5’0; is it bad taste to allow the Maxi to drag on the ground behind me?

    • I have one that is too long and needs to be hemmed. There’s definitely different kinds out there so try them on. I found a cute ankle length one at TJ Maxx last week. And if it fits you right, it should flatter your hip and disguise them.

  10. I’m going to keep this short, because I need to tear out of here to get to Target to buy my maxi dress! I was there yesterday and found myself eyeing the appealing array of maxi dresses… I was singing a different tune last year, scoffing at them, but this post has put me over the top. If for no other compelling reason than the Starbucks beverage consumption and camel-toe avoidance! Cheers!

  11. I finally found one that doesn’t have to be hemmed. Being 5’4″ is hard, yo.
    You look great. I’ve never seen anyone in Costco look quite this chic. Maybe they should hand them out as free samples Ellen

  12. I too hate the name “maxi” dress. Just too close to sounding like a drapey diaper. But love them nonetheless. Although I do find I have to stand up very VERY straight, or I end up looking pregnant with a big butt. Great pics, btw!