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Does this picture make you angry? It should.

Sign the petition to stop using anorexic models

Photo credit Saint Laurent Paris

It makes me angry because naturally thin women don’t look like this. This looks like someone who is afraid to eat a Tic Tac for the 1.5 calories that’s in it.

Thanks to Shannon at The Woman Formerly Known as Beautiful for bringing my attention to this. And not just raising a fist in anger or posting it on her blog, but gathering her wits and doing something about it. The ad campaign is from the design house of Yves Saint Laurent. Shannon is using to petition the CEO of Yves Saint Laurent, Francesca Bellettini to stop using anorexic models.

I have signed Shannon’s petition and I’m sharing it with you. Because it is possible to make a difference. Seventeen magazine no longer photoshops it’s models after a petition was brought against them.

Sure, there are naturally tall and thin women who model. Maybe they head to Old Country buffet on a Sunday and eat their weight in waffles and then go kayaking afterwards to burn off those extra calories. That’s awesome.

But there’s also models who have died from anorexia. Because they had an eating disorder  caused by the mental crippling that begins with photos like this that tell girls, “be skinny, get work as a model.” Right?

Finding a woman who doesn’t want to change at least one thing about her appearance is like finding a unicorn wearing a rainbow tutu. It’s impossible. But we can be the change to help design houses value the lives and health of young models more than just its label.

Sure, the fashion industry is about the clothes, not the models. The models are just human hangers. Well, sorry folks, there’s no such thing as a human hanger and this is someone’s daughter or sister. She deserves a healthy life past the runway.

Please CLICK HERE TO SIGN THE PETITION! and then share it for others to sign too.

Thank you!

I (still) Just Want to Be Alone

I know. It’s so Greta Garbo of me isn’t it?

I love my family and my friends and my husband. I can’t imagine a world without them. But I can imagine a world where I have a separate quiet room away from them. Where I get to read and watch and eat without being interrupted.

Is that too much to ask?

Well, maybe as a mother it is.

I asked on my Facebook page last week how many times you have to step away from your morning cup of coffee or tea? Once? Twice? Too many to count?

Everyone. And I mean, everyone commented that they can’t even keep track how often they have to reheat their coffee and then sometimes even forget it in the microwave only to find it later when they’re nuking lunch time’s mac ‘n cheese.

Before I even started blogging, a friend of mine told me around Mother’s day that her single wish was to drink her coffee in one setting and not have to put it in the microwave.

Like a Hobbit has second breakfast- I have second caffeination. The first round is just the wake up round. I make a pot of tea right at 6 am to wake up. I drink a few mugs of it while I’m packing lunches, fixing breakfast, wrangling homework, finding ‘lost’ shoes. You know. Mom stuff.

Then when the kids are at school, I have Second Caffeine. This will either be tea again or coffee or espresso. It will include something sweet to be eaten alongside.

If I’m extra lucky, it’s an outing to a bakery. But that is only once in awhile.

In honor of cold cups of mom coffee everywhere- I give you another reminder to pre-order your copy of

I Just Want To Be Alone. Click the picture to order your copy!

I know you can’t wait to read my essay!

I Just Want To Be Alone pre order on Amazon



That time when I farted in public

When I farted in public

I’m not proud of it. Certainly not. The Dowager Countess would be most displeased with me. Or maybe she would raise her eyebrows and just say something perfectly witty.

But I thought if I shared my story, it would help others share theirs. Like a support group of sorts.

An,‘I’ve broken wind accidentally in front of strangers’ support group.

It was a winter’s day before Christmas. The reason this is important is because this means that it was crowded. Plenty of witnesses.

I had just met a friend for coffee. For some reason after my latte, my stomach was extra grumbly. Everyone knows that I avoid dairy for this very reason. I had a soy latte of course. And yet, I was still very rumbly in my tumbly. Said Winnie the Pooh.

I had left the Starbucks and needed to run errands next door at the drug store to pick up some random things and some stocking stuffers. I had my arms laden with whatever it was I found. Some Seahawks socks for Owen, candy canes and chocolate Santas, lip gloss (oh, that was for me), a box of tissues, some vitamins… you get the idea.

There was one cashier and the line was a few people long already. I felt a little bit like I needed to go to the bathroom. But who wants to put their armload of merchandise down and track down an employee to let you in the back room? I figured, I can handle this. No biggy.

I remember exactly while listening to the overhead Christmas music, feeling a little overwhelmed in the bowel area. Hmm… was this a bad idea? Should I have just headed home after coffee and ditched the errands? But then I would have to go back out the next day, or later, and you know how it is. You want to get stuff done.

There was an older woman in front of me and an older woman standing behind me. I acted busy on my phone. The wait was at least 7 minutes. 6 minutes and 49 seconds too long.

My stomach was really feeling ‘active’. But I was going to be okay. It’s not like I felt like I was about to have diarrhea or something. It was just ‘busy’.

And then it just happened.

I tooted.

Like a horn.

It was succinct and audible. Like a sound effect.

I played it cool.

I did the old ‘act casual-nothing to see here-poker face’.

I checked messages on my phone. I started making random coughing and throat clearing noises. I’m not sure why. Was it an attempt at a decoy sound?

And then I started to hum and make raspberry noises too. Just whatever I could think of that would create a diversion to the actual trumpet sound that came from my posterior. By accident.

After the first second or two, my initial shock turned to horror as I dreaded the idea of ‘WHAT IF IT SMELLED?’

I am glad to announce that it didn’t. I don’t think. I mean, not to me anyway.

I am truly sorry if you get offended by farts. This was not intended to offend. Merely to rally any brothers and sisters in arms that have flatulated on accident.

It’s traumatic, I will say.

I imagined all those people thinking, ‘Did I just hear a fart? I swear I did and that blond lady looks really guilty.’

I feel so much better that I have come clean with my confession.

I’ve aired my grievances. In more ways than one.

Hope is what keeps us going. Donna Day 2014.

I didn’t know Donna. The little girl who died from a brain tumor at the age of 4. You can read about her story here- Donna’s Cancer Story by Mary Tyler Mom

I did know Kyle, my friend that died from a brain tumor at the age of 8.

And I did know Siona. The little girl that died from Leukemia at age 6.

I didn’t know Joey, a little boy that died from a brain tumor at age 6. Joey’s story is here- Kissing the Frog: Joey’s Story

You know what else I do know? That writing about children dying of cancer is exhausting. And I don’t want to do it anymore. But I will.

Because of Donna’s parents- Sheila and Jeremy.

For Kyle’s Mom – Christin.

For Siona’s parents – Nigam and Reshma.

For Joey’s mom- Kathy

There’s something that each of these parents hold in their hearts as survivors of children lost to cancer have, that no other parent has.


They hope and pray that there is a day where not another parent has to bury their son or daughter after a horrible painful struggle through cancer.

They hope that money will be raised to find a medical breakthrough.

They hope they never know another parent to endure this pain.

They hope for a cure.

My post today is not just to get you thinking about the little ones in your life and their precious health.

Honestly, the bottom line of my post today is to ask you for money.

Cancer isn’t cured by bloggers or the worry of mothers everywhere. It’s not cured by words on a page or hours campaigning behind a laptop.

It’s cured in the lab by scientists who dedicate their work to finding the one key to unlock the puzzle for a cure.

Hope doesn’t find cures. But hope brings us together to create the opportunities to raise the money to finance the potential cure.

Where would we be without hope?

I don’t want to know.

Here’s how you can help.

You can buy a t-shirt- (click on the photo to take you to where to order)

Donna Day Super Hero St. Baldrick's t-shirts


Or you can give to the event directly that is Donna’s Good Things at Candlelite Chicago

Please donate any little bit you can.

Hope is alive and well on Donna Day 2014.

When your husband acts like a numbnut, you write about it in a book.

Don’t worry. My husband is totally fine with anything I say on my blog about him. (Pause) Just kidding!

(And keep reading because there’s a really cool announcement at the bottom. No- don’t just scroll to the bottom, that’s cheating!)

Well, he’s fine with ALMOST anything. And trust me, I’m not totally throwing him under the bus with this post. Sort of. Kind of. Maybe just a little.

It’s not like I’m telling you about the time he cut the window shade’s cord too short so that we couldn’t lower our blinds all the way on our front windows in our first house.

It’s not like I’m telling you about the time he wore two different colored shoes to work. At least they were the same brand, so they were similar. One brown and one black. To his credit it was a dark winter morning when he left for work that day and he probably couldn’t see them very well.

OR the time he dumped his Grandma’s Christmas tree illegally on a vacant lot but locked himself out of his running vehicle only to have his grandmother have to come get him. It was January and he was trying to do her a favor by ridding the old tree for her.

And let’s just get something straight. My husband is a very smart man. I am not emasculating him in any way. His masculinity is just fine. No, I’m not a bitch. All the time. We all do dumb stuff. If he wants to start a blog and write about me. So be it.

I think when you go on a vacation or trip together it brings out what bothers you most about a person. And since we just spent 4 nights in a hotel room together sharing a double bed with his 6’2″ frame bent into my side of the bed, I got a little peeved. Yes, he will say he didn’t have enough room. But he needs to admit that his bony ass was on my side of the bed. It’s like we were reverse spooning. And not in a cuddly way, but in a ‘I just want to sleep dammit’ way.

So I wax and wane from utter love and admiration to just contempt for this man sometimes. I’m a pendulum on a clock. I swing back and forth.

While we were walking back to the hotel arguing if it was a half mile or quarter mile, which he insisted it was, and I was tired and felt it was actually 4 miles, but whatever; I remembered a situation when he didn’t use his smarts. When he wasn’t necessarily ‘right’ in the situation. Maybe better judgement could have been used. You be the judge.

Once upon a time, I was a pregnant woman on bed rest. I was about 36 weeks pregnant and very immobile. Like a beached whale. I was pregnant with Emma and not allowed to be on my feet for more than 20 minutes a day. Not that I could have been on my feet for more than 20 minutes a day because I couldn’t even SEE my feet.

We had season tickets for the Seahawks in those days. They had demolished the old Kingdome and were building a new stadium so they used the neighboring college campus of the University of Washington Huskies for the games that season. A perfectly acceptable stadium, but completely different than the old facility we were used to.

James took it upon himself to check out the stadium before committing to buy that season’s ticket package. This wasn’t a tour. No. He just showed up on the campus at the stadium, on a weekend, to check it out. By himself.

I was home on the couch with my needlepoint and Harry Potter books. This is how I spent my time. No WiFi back in the year 2000 in our old house. I couldn’t go downstairs to check the computer because I wasn’t allowed to climb stairs!

The way the story goes is it took him some time to return that night. Why? Because when he went through the gate on to the stadium track to check out the section of the stadium assigned to our seats, a maintenance person then closed and LOCKED that gate for the evening. Unbeknownst that they had a trespasser on the field.

I think James saw the maintenance person drive away in their little golf cart and then something in his mind clicked that maybe they were locking up for the night. Sure enough, he went to check the gate and it was indeed locked. So was every other gate.

Did he even have a cell phone on him? Who knows? Back then it was the giant Motorola flip phone that we only used for ‘emergencies’. Not a lot of texting, calling, or Instagramming in those analog days.

I’m not sure what MacGyver tactics he needed to employ to escape that afternoon. I believe it included scaling an 8 foot wire fence to his freedom. Not quite the Berlin Wall with all the barbed wire, or Shawshank Redemption where he needed to dig a tunnel, but nerve rattling just the same.

When he got home he was cool as a cucumber like nothing had happened.

Me, “How was your errand honey?”

Him, “Oh good. Checked out our seats for the Seahawks tickets at the Husky stadium.”

Me, “Oh that’s nice. Did you remember my ice cream?”

Him, “No, I forgot since I was avoiding getting arrested for trespassing on a college campus. Sorry.”

When he told me the story I imagined all the possibilities that could have gone wrong with that situation. And how he would’ve rotted in his prison cell after they arrested him for trespassing. It’s not that I would choose to not pick him up from prison, it’s just that I wasn’t allowed to drive in my condition. And who forgets a pregnant woman’s ice cream?

This would have made a great chapter in a book called, “I Just Want To Be Alone”. Yes. You read that right. First there was, “I Just Want To Pee Alone.” And now there’s the SEQUEL!!

This time, it’s all about the men in our lives. All kinds of hilarious tales of men, sons, dads; you name it, that have frustrated us or made us laugh. Or both!

If you laughed out loud and peed your pants with the Pee Alone book, I think you’re in for a treat with this one. I have the privilege of being in both of these books, as do some of your favorites like Baby Sideburns, Underachievers Guide to Being Domestic Goddess,  Bad Parenting Moments, Ninja Mom, People I Want to Punch in the Throat, and lots more!

Plus some new folks you might know of that weren’t in the first one. So fun!

Pre-order today! Why pre-order? Because it just makes us look that much more fabulous. On our second week of the Pee Alone book release, we bumped Tina Fey from the top of the iTunes book charts. We like it when those things happen. It makes us feel cool in the pick up line at school.

So tell your friends. Tell your husbands. Ha! You never know, he might get a kick out of it. And order order order!!

And I know you’re just dying to read what I wrote about James. You’ll have to order the book to find out!

I Just Want To Be Alone available on Amazon


February Beauty Box five Review


Feb Beauty Box 5 review by Frugie


I just received my beauty box five yesterday in the mail! I haven’t even had a chance to try the products before I am sharing them with you. If I wait too long, it won’t be February anymore, so let’s dig in!

Rockstar Nails – they describe this as a one-coat polish and it comes with a bottle of ‘caviar’ – a separate bottle of little beads that stick on to your top coat for a pearly type texture coating.

John Frieda Luxurious Volume shampoo and conditioner- it’s claim is to get volume without the perm. Well, who still gets perms these days? But volume sure would be nice from a shampoo!

I think I’m most excited about the Every Beauty Makeup Remover Pads. They come pre loaded with makeup remover, are alcohol free and have nourishing ingredients like Argan Oil. How cool and convenient is that? I’m excited to take it with me on vacation this week.

Finally a makeup item- a new mascara from Elizabeth Mott called It’s So Big. I think they mean your lashes after you use this stuff.

And then a bonus gift card for $10 towards A cute website of monogrammed and personalized jewelry for a perfect gift or yourself.

You know what to do. Check out Beauty Box Five and subscribe!!


Super Glam Valentine’s (or any time) Makeup Tutorial

valentine makeup tutorial by frugie blog

I was asked for some advice with getting a glam look and I answered with this video. I put on false eyelashes, smokey shadow, and deep lips. I’m doing it all. It’s super hot and super sexy!! Well, it’s hot because I have a hot flash, and sexy? Well, I’m just not gonna go there.

Feel free to do or not do what you want. I think this eye shadow looks nice paired with a nude pinky lip for a softer appearance.

But go bold if you so choose!!


BTW- the video is long. Grab a cup of something nice and warm, get a cupcake and snuggle in. Or break it down in to parts; first part- eyeshadow, at about 8 minutes false eyelashes, then foundation- final two minutes- lips.

Frugie matches Ashley Wagner’s amazing faces

Well, at least I try to.

My fabulous friend Jen at People I Want To Punch In the Throat  pointed out to me that the US Olympic women’s figure skater, Ashley Wagner has been highlighted for her lively expressions in candid photos. Someone else Jen knows is also very expressive in photos. Hint- that person is me.

The original article can be seen here- 38 Amazing Faces of Ashley Wagner- presented by Puffs

I felt I could really relate to this girl. She doesn’t hide behind any fake smile or glassy expression masking her true feelings. She puts it out there. I love a girl who can do that. So regardless if she wins gold or not, I have decided that she’s my favorite. And to honor the Olympics in my own way- I have come up with a montage of how similar I am to Ashley Wagner. Not as an Olympian. No. Of course not. But as a regular person, doing regular things with a little flair. A little oomph. Maybe with a little leotard and lycra too.

Also, being side by side in photos of a world class athlete 20 years younger and 20 points less on the BMI charts is a little daunting. Go easy on me please.

So here you go:


Ashley giving a heart felt performance at the US Nationals last month. Here, I’m just being overly dramatic vacuuming.


Ashley not happy with her 4th place finish at Nationals. Myself, just crying at Downton Abbey again.


Ashley just being cute after her scores in the World Championships. Me, oh that’s when I said, ‘oops, I guess you’ve got carpool tonight’, to my husband.



Here, Ashley is cheering on teammates at Sochi. I’m just dreaming of a self-folding dryer of the future.


Probably the most popular of all the Ashley faces. She wasn’t so happy with her scores for her short program in Sochi. I on the other hand have been told that the cat threw up on the dining room table. Again.


Ashley emotional from her heartfelt performance. That’s me, just crying into the laundry basket.

Obviously Ashley is very pleased with a performance. I’m just pleased that I got the Nespresso going.

Smokey Eye Tutorial (for those over 40) or anyone who doesn’t want to look like a hooker


An easy smokey eye tutorial 40 year olds

It’s been ages since I’ve posted a makeup tutorial so I’m excited to give you this one! Sorry brother. I know these bore you. Maybe next week I’ll blog about something controversial that will entertain you.


Okay, down to business. I have been asked by a few of you who want to know how to put on eye shadow. It’s a lot easier than you think. You can do this. And a lot of tutorials on YouTube are of twenty somethings and their winged out eyeliner. I don’t do that very well. Despite my efforts.

And since everyone and their cousin does a smokey eye, I thought I would give you the tools of creating that look for yourself. And not looking like you pulled an all nighter with Keith Richards.


Let’s go shopping!

Shopping can bring a visceral reaction to most. For some it’s therapy. For others it’s torture. Like when I shop with my daughter at Forever 21. That is torture. Okay, I admit, I got a really cute sweater there with the Union Jack on it. I have an Anglo obsession. It is perfect for me to wear on whatever day Great Britain celebrates their 4th of July that isn’t the 4th of July.

When I was a little girl, my mom introduced me to the hunt of the bargain. She would take me to a department store’s bargain basement and we would comb the racks and shoe aisles for hours. We got there early. We arrived with our bellies full and our bladders empty. If nature called in the middle of a tag sale, you might miss out on those black and white polka-dot Zodiac oxfords that are 50% off. Yes- I did buy those in the 10th grade.

But she also taught me the value of the piece. In those days she still sewed clothes for us from time to time. She even knit and crocheted sweaters for us. But there came a day when she found a good deal on a Karen Kane pleated skirt marked down so much, that it beat the price of any yardage at a fabric store.

These skills carried with me throughout my adult years. On my college burrito budget days I would spend a free afternoon shopping sale racks with my hard-earned paycheck from working retail part time. I knew what to look for- a silk blouse, an Italian sweater, double ply cashmere, a white cotton shirt.

When I moved out to my own address the excitement of receiving catalogs in the mail was a new experience. This opened up a whole new world of purchasing! This was before the internet. I didn’t shop online then. I called in my order to the 1-800 number provided on the customer page! This was the early 90s. I didn’t even own a computer. One of the first catalogs I remember receiving was the Spiegel catalog. It was over-sized and had a nice heft.

I had left the retail world and was working in an office setting. I worked a 9 to 5 job and was an executive assistant. I tried to look the part. The Spiegel catalog was perfect. Within budget and classic pieces that would wear well.  I remember a trench coat I ordered that I loved! I probably wore it until my post partum days when I put on a few pounds and it no longer fit.

Nowadays, I think a majority of my shopping is online. I still love the hunt, but so many websites offer such great shipping and handling deals as well as  the convenience of trying things on in my house, which beats an ill-lit dressing room.

And one of my latest online websites I’ve discovered is called Ultimate Outlet. It’s like the clearance racks of both Spiegel, Newport News and Shape FX combined! The deals are incredible. Pants for $8, pencil skirts for $7, even a cute tote bag for $11.

How had I not heard of this site before? If you’re not familiar with Shape FX, it’s clothing that has the shape wear built in. From jeans to swim wear! Once I ordered a really great pair of white wide-legged jeans and they were so cute for the summer.

Things to keep in mind; Ultimate Outlet sales are final. These are bargain prices but not all sizing and selection is available. The merchandise changes, just like the way markdown or clearance racks change in stores.

Thanks to the people at Ultimate Outlet for introducing me to their stuff and sponsoring this post. All the words and stories belong to me, of course, because who else would write them?

Happy hunting!

Ultimate Outlet online discount shopping website