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Reason to Live Friday #32- 54 years and counting

So if there’s any reason for me to get up in the morning (hence the Reason to Live Friday posts in the first place), it’s my dear sweet parents who are rocking 54 years of marriage this week.

That’s right. 54 years. That’s almost 55 years, which is almost 60. Just stop. That’s getting ahead of ourselves.

1959 these two people married in another country, came across the Atlantic on a ship to New York, set up home in Chicago and made a living.

In 1961 they had my brother. Then in 1964 they had my sister. Then there was- two foster kids (who were black and Native American, and this was the 60s folks!), a trans-continental move aboard the Queen Mary to England, a devastating illness for my sister, another move back to the US, then came me in ’72,  then just years of living, thriving, earning a living, health, traveling to Europe to visit family, graduations, sending kids to college, cross-country move in a Ryder truck, weddings, battling cancer (both of them), grand kids, baptisms, two hip replacements and a new knee (all my mom), an emergency heart procedure (my dad) and somewhere in there- 10 cats – not all at the same time, but over the years.

They’ve been busy.

None of my life would be possible without what they’ve made. I’m humbled, grateful, and brought to tears.

This is the bedrock of my family. These two people.

Thank you.


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  1. Absolutely wonderful reason to live and huge congrats on 54 years of matrimony for your parents!! They make a beautiful couple, too 🙂

  2. Awwwww happy anniversary to the Frugie Parents!! Many more happy returns to them.

  3. OneTiredMama says:

    How awesome! I want that to be my husband and I. Sounds like you have amazing parents! What a blessing 🙂 I love the how to stay married tips! I couldn’t agree more! Happy anniversary to them 🙂

  4. Reading through tears. We wouldn’t be who we are without you, your brother and sister and the wonderful grandchildren we are blessed with.
    Love you always. Blessings xox

  5. Sandy Carr Tabick says:

    The pleasure of being part of their lives through so many of these times is a joy……. they are a joy and a blessing to all of us, ….. I remember the day your mom and I took Crystal to the court house so she could be united with her mom, yes, you’re so right it was the 60″ and the 70″s….. and Michael and Uta were always united in making the world a better place for their own and all others…as they are today…..God Bless you both and your family as you continue and enjoy this wonderful life together …..

  6. Lovely tribute. 🙂

  7. Christopher Tipper says:


    Now you’re making me feel bad for crying when I found out you were a sister and not the brother I wanted!

    Well said.
    Well said.


  8. Julia's Math says:

    Just found you from In The Powder Room. Congrats on the book! I love this list. Except we break #2- and here’s why: we have learned (painfully) that things cannot be unsaid. As we are both rather temperamental shall we say, we have learned to cool off and re approach when steam is no longer coming out of our ears!

    • Thanks for coming by! Yes, coping mechanisms are essential to not say things you regret!