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Stop with the beige leggings!

What is going on people? There’s a surprisingly large growing trend I’ve seen of women wearing beige pants. Not chinos. Chinos are cute and from J Crew and make you look like you’re hanging out in the Hamptons. I’m talking about beige leggings, jeggings, or any pants that are remotely clingy to the body.


Why would you wear pants that look like you’re not wearing pants at all?


Please don’t wear beige leggings. And my 10 reasons why you shouldn’t.

1. It makes you look like you’re not wearing pants.

2. It’s flesh colored and tight, so it kinda looks like you’re not wearing pants.

3. Even if you’re really skinny, it looks like you’re wearing a shirt, but forgot your pants.

4. When people see you in line at the grocery store, and they forgot their glasses that day, they won’t be able to see the fact that you are wearing pants, but it looks like you’re not wearing pants.

5. If you wear underwear underneath them, we will see the underwear lines and it will look like you are wearing flesh colored underwear, but no pants.

6. If you’re NOT wearing underwear underneath them, we will see your butt crack through the fabric and it will look like you’re not wearing pants.

7. If you’re slightly overweight, it’s just not good and will look like you’re not wearing pants.

8. If you’re just sort of normal weight but have cellulite, you will see the cellulite through the fabric and people will wonder why you have fabric cellulite and why wouldn’t you wear pants to cover that up.

9. Even if you’re a black person wearing beige leggings, or a white person wearing beige leggings, it just kinda looks like flesh and people think you aren’t wearing pants.

10. Unless you’re on a runway or in a catalog, there is no business for you to wear beige leggings. Even white is better because then we know you’re wearing pants.

There you have it. Did I mention that when you wear beige leggings, IT LOOKS LIKE YOU’RE NOT WEARING PANTS!

Thank you.


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  1. What exactly are you trying to say? I can’t quite make out your reason for not liking the beige leggings. I wish you wouldn’t be so vague in your reasoning.

    • Kathy at kissing the frog says:

      I think, and this is just a guess, she’s trying to say it looks like you’re not wearing pants. I think.

  2. I nearly got into a car accident the other day because I was convinced someone was wearing no pants….culprit..beige leggings!

  3. You are so right. Why would I bother wearing these when I can just NOT WEAR PANTS? You just saved me money, closet space, and laundry time! Thanks!

  4. You’ve convinced me. Stock up on beige leggings. Got it.

  5. OK I live under a rock (we call it Vermont) and thus will admit I’ve NEVER EVER seen anybody wearing these! Maybe they haven’t made it this far north yet? We are a bit behind on fashion. That’s why I still fold and roll up my jeans (I don’t want them to cover up my cool penny loafers).

    Are people confusing the use case of leggings with that of panty hose?

  6. Hysterical! Thanks for the laugh! I needed one! Unlike the beige leggings!

  7. I can’t stop laughing! Thanks, I need this. And thankfully, I don’t own any!

  8. I love that the reasons are all the same reason. IT’S THAT SERIOUS, PEOPLE. You really do want to look like you’re wearing pants. FOR THE LOVE OF PETE!!!

  9. Not only does it look like you are not wearing pants, but these examples showcase also people who should not wear leggings/jeggings etc. I think I may be blind. Good lord.

  10. So, it looks like I’m not wearing pants?

    Seriously though, there isn’t enough fairy dust or denial in the world that would get my ass into those invisible pants.

  11. But… it’s SO entertaining!!!!

  12. They’re EVERYWHERE in the Puget Sound area! EVERYWHERE! I’m going to print this off and start leaving copies at the bus stops around my neighborhood.

  13. Amen. Word. Holla. Seriously, people. Only at Walmart. ONLY. Nowhere else is it acceptable dress like the people of Walmart.

  14. Yuuuuuuuck! It’s seriously so gross. With this reasoning we should be able to wear nude nylons with a tee-shirt. At least there’d be control-top.

  15. hear hear. Also: ANY leggings, or tights as we plainly call them over here in Scandinavia, should not be worn as pants. At all. Just getting it out there… Not sure about jeggings…

  16. Courtney says:

    If not wearing pants is wrong, then….

  17. This is why I just don’t wear pants.