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Super Glam Valentine’s (or any time) Makeup Tutorial

valentine makeup tutorial by frugie blog

I was asked for some advice with getting a glam look and I answered with this video. I put on false eyelashes, smokey shadow, and deep lips. I’m doing it all. It’s super hot and super sexy!! Well, it’s hot because I have a hot flash, and sexy? Well, I’m just not gonna go there.

Feel free to do or not do what you want. I think this eye shadow looks nice paired with a nude pinky lip for a softer appearance.

But go bold if you so choose!!


BTW- the video is long. Grab a cup of something nice and warm, get a cupcake and snuggle in. Or break it down in to parts; first part- eyeshadow, at about 8 minutes false eyelashes, then foundation- final two minutes- lips.

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  1. You are solely responsible for making me pretty. That’s a pretty heavy load, my friend.

  2. Frugie, this was so fun and you are SO PRETTY! Promise me you’ll do my make up once at BlogU?? Pretty please! xo and happy Valentine’s Day!

  3. Ok after you put the foundation on with your Sigma brush, you use an orange sponge. What is that for?

    • Sorry! Didn’t explain myself. It’s a beauty blender sponge just to help blend the foundation. Melds it into the skin better.

  4. I came over from Twitter because I just Followed you. And still Following but this particular post isn’t for me. I will send it to some female girlfriends of mine though!