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What is Cookie Butter?

I’m a little reluctant to post this. Like anything these days, it is likely to go viral. Like the fox song, twerking, or cute dogs riding robot vacuums; this could break the internet.

This could literally be the next best thing to sliced bread. Only because sliced bread is one of the requisites for enjoying this magnificent condiment. Condiment? Food group?

Not since Nutella have I been this excited. Presenting.. shhh… don’t tell anyone…. COOKIE BUTTER!

I said shhh.

Cookie Butter is some form of magic in a jar. It’s unicorns and puppies sliding down a rainbow. It’s sweet. It tastes like when you were 5 and your mom baked cookies and it was the best smell filling the kitchen while you played with Barbies on the floor.

It spreads like peanut butter and tastes like sugar cookies, butter, a smidge of cinnamon and whole dollop of yummy-ness.

It’s only available at Trader Joes. Sometimes they are sold out of it. That’s when a riot breaks out.

Just kidding.

So now, with great power comes great responsibility.

Do not abuse the Cookie Butter!

Remember, leave some for the rest of us.


This is what a jar looks like.


You can eat it right out of the jar if you prefer.

Yes. There is a cocoa swirl variety. Or ‘squirrel’  which is how my son when he was 5 would say ‘swirl’.

This is my favorite way to enjoy it- on a waffle with a hot cup of coffee or tea. Bliss.