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In The Powder Room today- Not Just a Girl…

Lately there’s an overload of social media, young narcissist pop-stars  and rehab celebrities; I crafted this post from some inspiration I came across last week.

Okay, ironically, yes, I came across the inspiration from social media- shush.

But really, I think this is just a dose of some goodness we need.

Read on here at In the Powder Room-

Emma and Amelia Earhart by Jaime C Moore


Contributing today In The Powder Room

Okay ladies and gents, (mostly ladies) because I’m talking product! I LURV me some product.

I’ve got some enticing tips and items for your shopping list.

So let’s all get excited for EYE CREAM!

And read my post here- Eye cream, eye cream, We all scream for eye cream!



I’m in the Powder Room today. Read and do your kegels.

Once again, I am so excited to be contributing In the Powder Room today!

And no, I didn’t have to clean the powder room either. But trust me, there’s always a square to spare and a stall available, so head on over, you’ll have a good time.

You’ll have to read and see what it’s all about. I’ll give you a hint- Zumba and tampons. In one woman’s case- not a great combo.

In the Powder Room


I’m guest posting In The Powder Room


Today I am so tickled, so pleased as punch, so EXCITED to have my debut at…….DUN dada DUN…..

In The Powder Room! Confetti cannons- pew pew pew pew!

I have been a huge fan of this site so today I feel like the new kid at the big girl’s lunch table. They feature fabulous women, hilarious articles and blush-worthy topics. It’s like girl talk in the bathroom. Hence- the Powder Room reference.

So run on over there already, why are you still here??

Today’s post- What happens when you buy something that doesn’t fit but you can’t return it?

I’m not talking about a shirt, or a nightstand, or even a pair of shoes. Something more personal ….

read HERE for the full article