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Dupes again!

I’ve done some legwork again for you. I’ve found some low end counterparts to some high end popular beauty items. These aren’t identical mind you, but they have similar properties and do the job for a lot less money.

In my opinion some perform just as well.

Here you go:

Clinique Take the Day off makeup remover- $18 vs. Maybelline Clean Express Waterproof Makeup remover $6

Dior Corrector pen- $25 vs. E.L.F. makeup correction pen $3

Kat Von D Tattoo cover concealer $25 vs. Hard Candy Glamouflage concealer $6

Makeup Forever HD foundation $42 vs. Revlon Photoready Foundation $12

Yves Sainte Laurent Touche Eclat Foundation- $55 vs. Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation $7.99

Makeup Forever HD foundation $42 vs. Revlon Photoready Foundation $12

MAC studio fix concealer $18 vs. Milani Concealer cream $6

Grand total- High end- $183 vs. Dupes $40.99



Here I go again.. saving you money.

It’s dupe time!!


Check out these beauties.


Feel free to visit my Amazon Beauty shop to buy some dupes if Target or Walgreens isn’t convenient for you.

Happy Saving!!

Makeup Dupe- Cleanser edition

It’s time for another round of Makeup Dupes.

Please consult here for a lesson on dupes.

I was introduced to the cult classic cleanser, Eve Lom, last year. I fell in love with this stuff. It melts away makeup. Makes your skin feels like a baby’s butt. And it costs, a mere $80. Okay, $50 for the smaller jar. That’s right, $50.

Beauty editors rave about the buttery concoction. It’s luxurious, yet necessary. Okay, not necessary. But happy clean skin means pretty skin. And I like happy skin. But honestly, $80 or even $50 probably pays for a month of soccer or cello lessons for your kid, so it feels wrong to spend it on a cleanser.  The cleanser comes with a soft muslin cloth. Yes, look up muslin if you’re not familiar with it. You get the washcloth really hot and apply it to the face to melt away the cleanser. It feels like a spa.

So low and behold, at Target, I noticed their Botanics line, which is a brand of Boots from the UK. What’s this? A product called Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm. It comes with a muslin cloth and is the SAME principle as the Eve Lom cleanser.

The smell and consistency vary slightly. Eve Lom can smell like cake batter. Almost nutmeg-y. The Botanics in contrast, smells more herbal. Both melt down to an oily consistency when massaged on the skin. The Eve Lom muslin cloth provided was somewhat softer, and more porous than the Botanics. But both removed my makeup and made my skin feel soft. I have sensitive skin, so this passed my sensitive test and didn’t flare up my rosacea.

If money is no object, go for the Eve Lom. It’s delicious. However, if you like the idea that you can buy 8 jars of the Botanics for the price of one Eve Lom, and spend that money on something else (Like more makeup! Or cello lessons.) then you won’t be sorry.


Makeup Dupe- Foundation find

What’s a dupe you ask?

In the beauty product world, a dupe is a duplicate product that is cheaper than its higher priced original.

Basically, when you find a fancy tube of MAC lipstick, there will be a dupe out there of a color or formula somewhere from a drug store brand.

I find that although color matching is fun with lipsticks between other brands, sometimes the quality and finish is not that of its luxury counterpart.

So when I look for a dupe, I look for all areas of duplicity- quality, color, wearability, finish.  Some things are not worth the duplicate. If it’s crap, I’d rather pay more and get something I’ll wear.

Okay, enough of that.

I found a very reasonable foundation dupe in L’Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder to the incredibly luxurious (and expensive) Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation. Armani is known for their award winning foundations- a favorite of beauty editors and makeup artists alike. I invested in the Maestro Foundation last fall and was pleased with its light texture, seamless blending, and glow it gave my 40 year old face. I liked it so much, I bought a second bottle after finishing the first. This is huge folks! I buy so much, that I usually don’t get to the bottom of a bottle before I find something else.

Then this summer, L’Oreal introduced the Magic Nude liquid to powder makeup. At first I wasn’t keen on it (there isn’t a dispenser, it seemed too runny). But then I put the two side by side and was blown away by their similarities. Not only is the color a complete match, the finish and feel is virtually the same. I think I was just being a snob and wanted my Armani without giving the L’Oreal a chance!

Both have octinoxate sunscreen. Both are a very runny, liquid consistency. Both benefit by being applied with the fingers, not a brush or sponge.

If you want sunscreen in your foundation, have drier skin, and have a clear complexion (the finish is sheer, but can be built up) you should try either one of these depending on your budget.

Comment below and let me know if you want me to share more ‘dupes’ with you!