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It’s a vlog again.

Does anyone out there actually LIKE Kristen Stewart? I mean, if she were my neighbor or roommate in college, I’m sure I would be perfectly pleasant with her. We might actually go out for coffee. No we wouldn’t. Because I couldn’t take the ‘thumbs up’ habit  and awkward she exudes for even five minutes.

Not that this vlog is all about my dislike of good ol’ K. Stew. But I do review Snow White and the Huntsman. And give a stunning example of her performance.

It’s a decent movie. Don’t get me wrong. And I went with a girl friend and we had a great time. So I’m not complaining. Well, sort of. I’ve seen soap opera actors do a better job than she does. Why does she continue to get work in the industry? It’s annoying.

So with that- here’s the latest vlog.

It’s pretty entertaining. I’m drinking and eating in it. My cat has a cameo. I pay honor to the Queen, not the evil queen in the movie- the Queen of England sillies!

It’s like a Jubilee/movie review/vlog/ extravaganza!

OH and good news- there’s no copyright issues so it should work on mobile devices!