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I’m tired…

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I’m tired of cancer and its selfish f*ckery.

I’m tired of writing posts dedicated to those who’ve lost loved ones to this disease.

I’m tired of hearing about young people taken too soon.

I’m tired of my heart being broken for someone losing their battle.

I’m tired of good people leaving this earth before they had time to do all the amazing things they should have.

I’m tired of hearing about children left without a father.

I’m tired of knowing that a wife is now a widow and misses her soul mate.

I’m tired of how unfair this scourge is on our world.

But I’m not too tired to keep fighting. To keep standing up for those who fight to survive.

And I’m not as tired as my friend and fellow blogger who will now face a long road ahead, alone without her best friend, husband, and partner, Scott.

Scott passed away on August 12th after his short, and terribly difficult battle of a rare form of cancer.

Now Courtney must not be tired as she tucks each kid in bed at night, gets them ready for school each morning, pays each bill that will come in the mail, go to work to support her little family.

She will stand up and be strong, because that is who she is and what she’s been doing. We can help her. We can give her just a few dollars to ease the burden of life as a single parent. I can’t imagine the hospital and medical bills that will continue to come in the months ahead.

Help us all help Courtney. In loving memory of Scott, please visit our fundraising site and give just your latte money today. If we all pitch in, we can make a significant contribution.

Give Forward, in Memory of Scott Fitzgerald