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It’s a vlog again.

Does anyone out there actually LIKE Kristen Stewart? I mean, if she were my neighbor or roommate in college, I’m sure I would be perfectly pleasant with her. We might actually go out for coffee. No we wouldn’t. Because I couldn’t take the ‘thumbs up’ habit  and awkward she exudes for even five minutes.

Not that this vlog is all about my dislike of good ol’ K. Stew. But I do review Snow White and the Huntsman. And give a stunning example of her performance.

It’s a decent movie. Don’t get me wrong. And I went with a girl friend and we had a great time. So I’m not complaining. Well, sort of. I’ve seen soap opera actors do a better job than she does. Why does she continue to get work in the industry? It’s annoying.

So with that- here’s the latest vlog.

It’s pretty entertaining. I’m drinking and eating in it. My cat has a cameo. I pay honor to the Queen, not the evil queen in the movie- the Queen of England sillies!

It’s like a Jubilee/movie review/vlog/ extravaganza!

OH and good news- there’s no copyright issues so it should work on mobile devices!


The Music Video

I’ve been reading the soft porn book 50 Shades of Grey about domination, kinky sex, and everything you don’t want your parents to know you are reading. Whew, is it hot in here??

If you’ve read it, you know how, uhm, steamy it is. Steamy? Geeze, that’s putting it lightly!! It’s like jungle steamy, humidifier steamy, boiling noodles steamy.

The other day I had to put it down because I think my cheeks were flushed and the kids came home from school.

I will be honest. I haven’t finished it yet. I feel dirty reading it when the children are home.

So this is me during the day whenever I get a chance on my own to read it. I incorporate chores, Daniel Craig, some subliminal thoughts- you’ll be surprised, and how I really just can’t put the book down. Unless of course, my kids are home! Then I hide it under the couch cushions.

Please keep in mind- I’m a goof ball and by no means take any of this seriously.


I’m a happily married woman who has no problem with vanilla sex. Thank you.

I know- more than you needed to know.


Samantha Brick can be MY friend, and I wouldn’t be jealous. I promise.

I’m a little excited over here in blogger land. I recorded my first VLOG!! Yep- you get to see my sweet mug and then some!

So here’s a little background on this ditty:

Samantha Brick is a woman in the UK who says life has been so hard being pretty. Women hate her and are backstabbing bitches because of her good looks. She has never been a bridesmaid because the brides feel threatened she will steal their groom.

She has had to dress down at work for fear of being TOO attractive. Also- she can’t wait to age when the wrinkles and gray hairs make her look more average.

Wow, this chick is a piece of work.

Here’s the articles from the original UK post-

Women hate her because she’s beautiful

Her article proves women are bitchy because of the response world wide

Here’s my response:

It’s a little rambling, a little long. But I have visual aids and wear a tiara. So it’s worth a look. Enjoy!