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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

The Perfect Christmas (brag) letter from yours truly,


A happy holidays to all of you that I know and even the little people that I don’t really know.

I hope this year has been as full of blessings for your family as it has been for mine. Most people who know me in real life read my blog. So that means that a lot of you are already up to speed on just about everything. But for the few of you that don’t pay attention, or are new here, I will catch you up to speed. Or give you all a recap on my awesomeness.

January was the month of the perfect storm. There wasn’t anything perfect about 7 days straight of the apocalypse snow storm of 2012, not to be confused with the apocalypse of the Mayan prediction of the end of the world here to happen in a few days. But the Northwest was covered in snow and ice and subzero temperatures for well over a week. Sadly, just about everyone we knew was without power for a solid 3 to 4 days. Or longer even! Lucky for us, we stayed warm and cozy with the lights on and all our appliances powered. What a relief! Sorry to our in-laws and several Facebook friends, I hope you weren’t jealous.

February was filled with dreams coming true. You won’t believe this- but… I GOT TO GO TO THE GRAMMYS!!! You heard that right. You know, the star-studded music awards show. A friend of a friend’s dad got tickets and we were treated like VIPs! Even though we weren’t allowed to bring our cell phones in, or cameras,  we walked on the red carpet! Well, the red carpet that extended behind the backdrops for all the networks and their interviews. I saw quite a few handsome security guards up close. From a distance I saw A-list stars like Paris Hilton and Tia Carrera. But only because I think Tia Carrera got lost and wandered in to the NVIP area (Not Very Important Person) and was waiting for her manager or agent to come fetch her. She looked a little annoyed. But then again, I think the Botox in her face makes her look annoyed no matter what.

It was a magical evening that made for memories that I will never forget. Memories like how we weren’t allowed any food, unless you want Red Vines and Mt. Dew at the concessions (no thank you) and I snarfed on my protein bar I carried in my designer small evening bag. It was organic and vegan, so not to worry, I would NEVER eat any PROCESSED food.

Speaking of, I went completely vegan in February. It was a little hard at first. The idea of giving up all that fabulous cheese that I had delivered to our home by the cheese of the month club breaks my heart- it was on one of Oprah’s ‘favorite things’. By the way, I subscribe to O Magazine. I hope you do too- Suze Orman’s advice saved us!

But back to me being healthy and all natural and meat and dairy free. I realized that my tremendous gas and bloating troubles were in fact my intolerance to lactose. What a tremendous burden off of  my back and the family’s. No more suffering through my flatulent evenings. Even the dog is relieved!

Oh, the children did fine in school. Emma’s in 7th grade, Owen is in 4th. You know- they’re kids. The usual, soccer, theater, honors class, Scouting, etc.

So anyway… this was definitely MY year. I mean, the Grammys, blogging, PTA, Twitter- Ashley Judd responded to a tweet of mine. It was exciting. I’m on Pinterest too. It keeps me so busy while the kids are in school.

It was one of those big birthday years- I turned 40!! You can’t really tell. I mean, all those high-end beauty products I use, really do their job! People are always telling me how young I look. So I wear my 40 years with pride.

We celebrated my birthday with a family trip to Maui. We had never been and the kids were so excited. We stayed at the Grand Wailea Resort. It’s gorgeous. Have you ever been? You should. I highly recommend it. They have cabanas with staff that come and bring you popsicles and spritz you with water to cool you down. There’s a luau 3 nights a week. The fish at the world famous restaurant, Humuhumunukunukuapua’a is out of this world. The Ahi just melts in your mouth. Try the fillet on a bed of sticky rice with a seared bok choy on the side with a honey soy reduction. Delicious.

James is employed, thank God. That’s all that matters. Someone has to pay the bills!

Well, here’s to a wonderful 2013 for everyone. Especially me.


If any of you took this seriously, my apologies. And get a sense of humor. 



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  1. I wanna be you when I grow up.

  2. Oh man this was great and glad I got to read the whole letter here!!!

  3. Living vicariously through you in this Frugalista Year 😉

  4. Love the new look!!! To sum you up in one word for 2012…Supercalifrugalistaexpifabulousa!

  5. Yeah you! Hope you have another fabulous year! And the new look of the blog is awesome! Your friend did a great job!

  6. Your letter is awesome!! I love it almost as much as I love the new look.