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The pinky pin comes out- video!

Remember when I broke my pinky? You can read about it here. The skinny was; I broke my pinky, had surgery, and they put a pin in it.

Yesterday was the day when they took out the pin. They just yanked it out basically.

I knew this would be entertaining, so I had Emma join me and video tape the whole thing.

The video is full of all kinds of colorful moments. They even let me take home the pin.


Click on the picture to take you to the video.

Frugie gets her pinky pin out

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  1. Christopher Tipper says:



    So. Is Emma still grounded?
    You did this Thursday afternoon?


  2. Sooo funny, glad that pinky is better!!!

  3. HOLY CRAP! That’s huge! And “that’s what she said”? I’m dying. Love your daughter. Also, gorg make-up overshadowed the whole pin thing–next time don’t be so pretty 😉

  4. HO-LEE SHEOT. And the way he poked around and slipped a couple of times before actually getting it out…ARGH!! (That’s what she said)

  5. That was awesome. I watched the whole thing while biting my first, like Squiggy from Laverne and Shirley. Emma is hilarious. Definitely my favorite movie of 2014.

  6. Ok, I clicked, but after the false start of taking it out I had to click away. You are brave. I am sitting here staring at my mobster toe which I broke and did not get fixed, so now it looks like somebody over-stuffed it.

    Congrats on pin-free living!

  7. Christopher Tipper says:


    Had a thought, and I think it’s from what Emma said, I would have a still picture made from the video, have it framed, and use the pin as the nail in the wall.

    Or is that too guy?