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There’s worse things I could be doing. Of course, there’s better things too.

Sitting on my couch watching Little House on the Prairie while blogging, eating chips and snuggling my dog. You could say I’m good at multitasking!

I’m not doing crystal meth, or dancing on a pole, or even working in one of those bikini barista huts. Yes, they wear bikinis even in winter. I’ve never actually gotten a drink there, but I drive by some and always see a glimpse of flesh. Burrr.

So what? I blog, I update my Facebook page. I like pictures of cute cats with funny captions. What of it?

I haven’t been on Pinterest. I haven’t been invited. But I’m really glad for this. Can you imagine if I wasted more time??

So instead of Pinterest, I waste my time on

I’m addicted to making awful, ridiculous, slightly offensive cards. With swear words too.

And that’s okay. Because I sure ain’t doing any of the above mentioned awful things. However, there’s lots I’m not doing. Like knitting mittens for Bosnian orphans, volunteering at an animal shelter, making quilts for crack babies, planting my community P-Patch.

Maybe I’ll add one of those things to my to-do list soon.

In the meantime- have fun reading my ecards. I bet they’ll give your fancy schmancy Pinterest craftiness a run for their money.

This one is for my husband. Feel free to share with yours too.

Doesn't it look like Cindy from the Brady Bunch?

This one has quite a few hits on ecards website. I'm quite proud.

I told you F bombs make me happy.

This one is popular too. I guess anything with 'porn' in the caption gets attention.

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  1. i still have no idea what pinterest is… similar in many ways to the unspoken rules of hopscotch to men

  2. Your ecards are right up my alley. I have always said that Hallmark needs me to write a new line of sassy cards. We could totally do that!!

  3. Very funny. I love the one on FB and blogging. Since I’m a “house husband” at this time, it’s what MLB thinks I do all day – okay, mostly I do. haha

  4. You mean you don’t do “rock, paper, scissors” for the right to choose the porn?

  5. These are great. I have no gift for captions. *sigh*

  6. F bombs make me happy too!! Funny post!