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To the people who were disgusting on Caitlyn Jenner’s Instagram

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This is a rant folks. I can’t stay quiet. I get a sick feeling in my stomach when people are mean. So I have to say something about the way I feel. It just isn’t right that there’s so much hatred. Hatred veiled as either freedom of speech or a religious privilege. I don’t get it.

When Caitlyn Jenner received the Arthur Ashe Award of Courage at the Espys recently, the speech she made was so compelling and compassionate. I am sure that the transgender community was applauding her stand of courage, yes courage.

Not the kind of courage it takes to head in to battle as a service man or woman. Yes, those people ARE heroes. Without question.

Not the kind of courage it takes for a person fighting cancer and knows the treatment is hard and painful, but has no choice otherwise.

It’s the kind of courage after years of being told one thing is the way it’s supposed to be, and then defying those ‘norms’ and stepping out as an individual. It’s the kind of courage that someone decides after 65 years, they want to be the person they felt they always were.

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The comments on Caitlyn Jenner’s Instagram post were horrifying. I guess it’s no surprise that folks are put off by an American icon, a former Olympic champion all of a sudden changing genders. But really? Does it require so much hate? I won’t post any of them here. The language and words used are ugly. You can see for yourself in the link I provided, or not and just believe me.

Clearly she deserves the award considering with all the backlash that’s out there, she still steps forward proudly as who she wants to be. That’s called COURAGE folks! She is a hero in the sense of the word for standing up to who she is, and for the others that want to be who they want to be.

I don’t think straight people in this country understand what the LGBT community suffers through constantly. Whether in the past or even now in the present. The bullying, snide remarks, the comments by politicians and lawmakers that degrade them, the struggle to walk down a street and not be picked out for looking effeminate or butch and beaten up. How many times have you heard, “I love the gays, but….” “I have gay friends, I do. But…”

What is different to you, doesn’t need to threaten you. Someone else’s hero status doesn’t take away from another hero’s status.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton is my hero. Susan B Anthony was arrested for voting. She wasn’t allowed so yep, they threw that nice woman in jail. She was quite the activist in those days. Bet you didn’t know that, huh? She lived true to what she believed in, and she made life easier for those that came after her. That’s a hero.

Alice Paul founded the National Women’s Party. These women fought for my right to vote. To be counted. They endured jail, violence, brutality, isolation; all for my right to vote. That’s heroic.

If you thought the scene in Game of Thrones was horrible with Cersei walking naked, and that damn woman and her shame bell, and the crowd being absolutely cruel, then why would you cast insults and sit comfortably at home wishing death or destruction on a person because of their choice on no longer being a man? Should we go back to the medieval days and live in fear or persecution if someone decides they don’t like what you’re doing? “Did you hear, the Jones’ ate meat on Sunday, that’s a sin, we should go burn down their house.”

Caitlyn came forward knowing this would be hard. And she has at least a team of people to help her. She has the financial luxury of security and privacy. She can afford her medications, surgeries and wardrobe.

But for someone in Smalltown, USA who decides they want to do the same, yet they can’t afford any of those things, as well as they need to fear their very life when they step out their door because they’ve put on a dress, or lipstick, whatever; you think that’s okay?


People- heroes come in all shapes and sizes. They are the heroes to the people they are standing up for.

The people who want to change their gender are not doing this like they change a tattoo. They want to be happy, to be free with themselves. They aren’t pedophiles or rapists. They don’t troll women’s bathrooms for the thrill.

Gay people being allowed to marry doesn’t take away from your marriage. Just like my right to vote didn’t take away from all the white men voting. Yeah, only white men got to vote for awhile. There was that whole slavery thing.


Why is this so hard to understand?

Okay, stepping off my soapbox now. Just remember, what you say is an arrow that can’t be put back in the quiver. What you write, is a stone thrown that can’t be unthrown. Are you part of a solution, or the problem?

Your ideas, beliefs and opinions are not the right ideas, beliefs or opinions. They’re just yours. Just like mine are mine.

And like Caitlyn Jenner said, ‘being different isn’t a bad thing.’

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  1. Well said! I don’t understand why some people are so preoccupied with hating someone they don’t even know in real life and whose choices have absolutely no impact on them personally. Caitlyn Jenner is showing her own type of bravery, and that doesn’t take away from the courage and bravery of others doing different things.

  2. Christopher Tipper says:


    You and I will agree that what she did was brave. We will agree that someone posting something ugly, hurtful or vile on any form of social media is wrong. I think we agree what kind of positive symbol she is to those who don’t know how to get on with their own lives.

    But I don’t know we’re going to agree with her deserving an award like this. She has monitized her courage. She didn’t do this quietly in the background. She’s getting paid for this stand, which I think diminishes its “courage” component somewhat.


    • Yeah, I disagree. Bruce Jenner has been a motivational speaker for decades since his gold medal. For him to be a celebrated athlete as a man, then change to a woman and be the first one ever to do it? That takes courage. She has monetized her courage like anyone else. All professional athletes are paid in some form or another. What makes her different? Also, this is an award in her genre, it’s not like the Nobel Peace Prize.

  3. I agree with you! I don’t understand the justification of the hate. I also don’t understand how people say we can’t support Jenner and the military etc. Yes, we can support ALL heroes! I LOVE how you spoke out. Rant away, Frugie.

  4. Excellently said, heartfelt and honest…
    I care neither way about the award… There are so many awards given these days, but it’s a finer award than one for song, dance etc…and I don’t care about them either..
    And who knows, twenty years down the road, maybe Caitlin will say, sheesh, I went thru all that, but my insides are still not happy or satisfied… Who knows..
    Heroic, indeed, heroic, gifted, yes. Might this pave the way for some less fortunate, absolutely…
    I cannot begin to imagine how hard it is to feel not right in ones self all ones life…
    Now, let’s let her live her life, get on with things, and hope she’s found peace…
    Again very good words, I will share if you don’t mind. Xx