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What’s on that mannequin? Yes, you did just see that.

Once upon a time there was a little girl. She was a very precocious, inquisitive little girl. Okay- this girl is Emma. Let me just put it out there now. She is/was and will always be wicked smart, clever and with a wit that smacks you up side the head.

For example- Many years ago, she and I were shopping at the mall. I stopped in to Victoria Secret to purchase some of their bras on sale. We were standing in line. She was 5 years old. There was a mannequin placed near us where we were standing dressed in the usual VS lingerie. She takes the waistband of the underwear on the mannequin pulls it out and peeks down inside the panties. Snapping them back, she looks at me and says, “Why don’t mannequins have hair down there like you mommy?”

***pause for comedic effect***


Are you still laughing? I’ll give you a minute…..

Fast forward to today. American Apparel has placed in their New York store window display, get this- mannequins with pubic hair!

The 5 year old Emma would be so thrilled!

American Apparel is a very uhm, shall we say, fashion forward, clothing company. First there was their period tee. I’ll let you just click on that and it can sink in.

Then there is the window display like this:

American Apparel pubic hair mannequins

photo credit

To be honest with you, I don’t have a problem with this.

Here’s why.

I’m used to seeing a garden area on a lady. My own! Never waxed, never will.

What’s the big deal about a toupee shoved inside lady’s underwear? Come on, this is what it looks like, admit it!

Hey, Donald Trump called, he’s looking for his comb-over.

It’s liberating to know that between these mannequins and Cameron Diaz’s declaration for not removing pubic hair, we can know that the movement of ‘au natural’ is approaching.

Somewhere there’s a mannequin wherehouse in India figuring out how to add extensions to the crotchal region of their mannequins.

Small forest creatures can stay warm inside display windows in Manhattan.

We can now have more awkward conversations with our kids waiting in line at department stores if this catches on.

How has this not already happened in Europe?

Who is in charge of keeping those bushes tidy and tangle free on those mannequins?

I’m guessing that in 20 years those mannequins are going to resemble the Midge Barbie that still sits in my doll case from childhood with what looks like a lump of fuzzy plastic pubic hair on her head.

Well sorry. Not sorry.

We can’t be ashamed of some pubic hair. Come on people. This is how nature intended it. Embrace your hairiness. Or schedule an appointment for a Brazilian. You decide.

My question- what is next then with male mannequins? Oh Lord…. I see a blog post in the future…..

Mannequins with pubic hair- it's true

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  1. I was dying! I cannot believe they’re doing this. We have an American Apparel that I always drive by on the way to Bible Study. I’ll be sure to look closely next time. Perfect way to spice up my day! Bahahahah!!!

  2. Your writing is just fun today, I’ve been reading such heartbreaking news today, this is like a nice injection of good fun…..xxxxx

  3. Cheryl Saltzman says:

    And it’s high time, in my opinion. I missed the memo, teleconference or convention that announced we were to all look like toddlers in our nether regions. I guess that happened after I was already married…so my hubby’s a lucky guy. 🙂 Hair is natural. Embrace it! But just wipe those strays off the toilet seat, por favor.

  4. If I see a male mannequin with all his manly non-Ken doll bits, I WILL be the one pointing, laughing and snapping pictures with my cellphone. Of course, I’m also the person that walked down a nude beach and looked at EVERY ONE of the penises, because I could.

  5. Oh, how I love this!! After what has been a hairy week (HA!), I like this frivolous kind of thing. It’s perfect. And, uh, I’m with you and Cameron. Team HairPie!

  6. At first I thought, GROSS! But then I thought it’s kinda cool. Why not? It’s the real deal. Can’t believe it, but still!

  7. I saw these mannequins pop up on my Instagram feed from one of the many New Yorkers I follow. Um. Ok. You are much more eloquent than I to muster up a whole blog post about it. I was rendered speecheless.