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Work at Home Moms- WAHM. Not to be confused with 80s pop sensation WHAM.

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Everything needs a label these days and it’s driving me nuts. Do you work at home? Do you stay at home? Do you work away from home?

Are you a SAHM, WAHM, or WAFHM? What? I know! I’m confused too!!

When I chose to have kids, all I wanted to do was just not go back to the job I was currently at. My husband and I saved up my income so that after the baby was born, I could be home with her.

Then it worked out that the company I was employed with went out of business. There wasn’t a job for me to return to. I loved staying home with Emma. I couldn’t imagine having to arrange my lifestyle to go back to an office and leave her with someone. It just never occurred to me.

HOWEVER, I never did mind anyone that did make that choice to go back to work after maternity leave. We all have different reasons why we want to. So who cares?

But it seems lately if you are a mom, you need a label as to what you do with your time. Here’s my rundown of the latest.

Do you work at home doing a job for a client or a boss and check in remotely? That’s a WAHM. Work At Home Mom. This is tricky. Then you have to keep the kiddos occupied while you get your job done. Maybe you have someone come and help with the kids or you take the kids to day care. This might save you from commuting to an office, but still allow you to get some work done. Maybe the kids are off to school while you work.

Or do you work at an office? This is a WAFHM. Work Away From Home Mom. Then you have the same situation of dealing with childcare, commuting, and even if the kids are at school, someone has to be there for them when they come home.

Finally, there’s the moms who stay at home with their kids and don’t get paid anything from anyone. That’s a SAHM. Stay At Home Mom. We know what she does. Wipes up spills all day and poo and puke,  entertains, is a concierge, laundress, cook, nurse, craft adviser.

Then there’s the SITMVAD. Stay In The Mini Van All Day mom. She can be a combination of some of the above and this at the same time. Some may call this a Soccer Mom. I just call it a mom who is busy and needs to drive all over creation for her kids.

Don’t forget the mom we all went to be- SAHWWM. Stay At Home With Wine Mom. This needs no explanation.

Not only is this a handy guide to some of the acronyms you’ve been seeing lately, it’s also a good reminder that ALL MOMS WORK FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

And I respect each and every one for the jobs they do.

The next time someone asks what I do, I will say, “I’m a mom”. And that should be enough.



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  1. I prefer the term MIM. Mostly Insane Mom.

  2. Christopher Tipper says:


    You missed one – OADITHTBHWTKM.

    (Open A Daycare In The House To Be Home With The Kids Mom)

    Okay. This might be getting ridiculous and I’m using this to air an old wound. Thank you, sis. When our children were very young, my wife decided to open a licensed (always feel the need to throw that in) in home day care. Why? Positive cash flow. Child care is covered. And she’s with our children.

    Who are the people who made use of her services the most? Was it a lot of widowed too early fathers? Not a one. Was it enlightened divorced men who purposefully chose to have full time custody of the kids? Don’t think we’ve ever met any. It was always two parents with two full time income jobs. Where am I going with this? My wife made a life choice that allowed other women to make their life choice – drop the damn kids off at some stranger’s house.

    Do you have any idea how disdainful working moms were of my wife’s choice? These are the very same women who benefit from other women who made the same choice my wife did. She would meet working women with young children who didn’t know what she did for a living. Then she’d tell them. You could see the nose literally start to point skyward! It obviously had a deep and lasting effect on me.

    So. Here’s a shout out to the OADITHTBHWTKMs!


  3. I started out as a WAFHM (no choice), then I was a SAHM, now I’m a WAHM. I hope and pray this is the last stop on the mom train, because I *never* want to be a SITMVAD… Though I wouldn’t mind SAHWWM too much.

  4. You forgot the SOTCAEBBAD mom (Sit on the couch and eat bon-bons all day mom), which is what some people seem to think SAHMs do. I think I am the GOOMFM mom (Going out of my freaking mind) most days . . .well, every day.

  5. Ha, all of these are hilarious! I normally stick with the whole “SAHM” acronym- not very exciting.

  6. I’m a DTSPWWM. That’s “Drive to Soccer Practice With Wine Mom.” It’s okay, I only drink it when I get there.

    Also? No. I do not take wine to soccer practice. I take beer.

  7. I’m a CUODADM–Catch Up On the DVR All Day Mom. I mean, if I don’t, we’ll run out of space for all the new stuff to record. And that would be a tragedy if there wasn’t any space for The Mindy Project to record. Amiright?