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You bet I’m blogging this- my teenager is in headgear

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Last week Emma got headgear. Yes. Headgear.

They still do the same kind of headgear for kids today that they did in the 80s.

She has an overbite that needs correcting. This is the first phase of her orthodontic adventure.

I do not envy her. The poor thing. So what do I do? I take a video of her doing simple tasks made difficult while wearing headgear.

I think it’s funny. Like really funny.


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  1. How in the world did she manage to do that with a straight face? What a good sport she is for letting you do that. I love Emma.

  2. OH poor sweetheart! My daughter has an overbite. I never thought to fear this in my future. They seriously still do this? It’s barbaric, how have they not found another solution!

  3. I can’t believe she let you make that! Hilarious! Tell her I’ll buy her a beer in a few years to say thanks for the entertainment.

  4. You win! I concede my Mother of the Year title to you. GirlyK and I have piddled all over ourselves. She is very grateful that she didn’t have to wear headgear. According to her orthodontist she would have had to wear it 20 hours a day. So she wore this Herbst appliance instead:

    Yes, her nick name was Frankenstein Jaw. She liked making her jaw unhinge. (Weirdo)

  5. That. Video. Is. Hilarious!!! I had that contraption as a teenager … not hilarious. But Emma is so awesome to do this … made my day! 😀

  6. I can unclench now. That was nerve-wracking! At least she has her mama’s sense of humor!

  7. That’s hysterical. And Emma is so awesome to cooperate. I’m so glad my mom didn’t have a video camera when I had my headgear!

  8. When I was a kid, my parents always told me they were laughing WITH me, not AT me.

    Now that I have kids, I know they were lying. 😉

    Thanks to you and Emma for letting me laugh at that hysterical video! She’s a really good sport. And for what it’s worth, I didn’t have headgear, but I did have braces for YEARS. It sucks at the time, no doubt about it, but it doesn’t last forever and the end result was worth it. (Just remember to wear your retainer. I never did, and 20 years later I need braces again. Boo.)

  9. I am so on Team Emma. Whatever she does, I love her. She’ll probably think that’s awful creepy, but I just think she’s adorable. Makes me excited for when Coco is a little teen! I laughed hard over this. She’s a trooper!

  10. Does it come out?

  11. Keep us updated!