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10 Ways Autumn is Awesome AF

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10 ways Autumn is Awesome by Frugalista Blog

For those not in the loop, ‘AF’ means,’As F**k’.

So when something is really cool, awesome, or wonderful, if you put ‘AF’ on the end, you’ll be one of the cool kids. Sorry to be so blunt. I gotta throw around some major street cred, I’m serious here. Fall is Awesome. Say it with me, “Awesome AS F***.” Maybe because it leads into Christmas, maybe because it actually relieves me of the heat rash on my feet from the entire month of August, but it’s just the best. And here’s why.

1. Back to School.

Honestly, I have a love/hate relationship with back to school. Deep, deep down it gives me massive anxiety when I think of how my children are growing up. It’s weird now that I’m a parent and every time my kids go back to school it reminds me of how they’re getting older. Almost more so than a birthday, it really shows the passage of progress and how they’re inching towards leaving that nest. Dammit. I want them to leave the nest, but then…. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO? It’s okay. Really.  But why I love it-  it means new cat sweatshirts and polo shirts with popped collars. At least that’s what my 7th grade back to school outfit was. Yours? Oh, and the kids out of my hair during the day!! AMEN!

10 ways autumn is awesome by frugalista blog

And flannel shirts too- another reason autumn is awesome. And these kids look hella cooler than I ever did.


2. Pumpkin stuff

Not real pumpkins. Those are gross. The guts and seeds smell like a slimy old sponge. Ew. No, I like the artificial pumpkin shit. Give me Pumpkin Spiced Waffles, Pop Tarts, Pepperidge Farm cookies, Fiber One bars, lattes, candles. Am I forgetting anything? I do like real pumpkin pie that my mama makes. But that’s because it’s full of cinnamon and spice and sugar and whipped cream on top! Pumpkin stuff leads to Gingerbread stuff that leads to Eggnog stuff. And all of it is bomb. Sorry summer- you just don’t have those heavy hitters. Uhm, cucumber? Nah. Oh and all this ‘stuff’ leads to baked goods. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. Yeah. This is pie season folks. And cookie season, and bread season and all baked goods season. And elastic waist pants season. But don’t worry because #4 goes well with those pants.

3. Socks

I love socks. I like wearing socks to bed and with pajamas. In the summer time I just sweat so I can’t wear socks. Hence the heat rash on my feet. Wearing socks to bed is weird in July. But after September 21st- socks! Oh my gosh, I’m wearing socks to bed tonight!

4. Wearing sweaters

I have a collection of at least 20 cardigans. The entire summer makes them feel neglected. It’s wonderful to welcome them back in the rotation of my wardrobe.

5. Fresh air

Nothing feels like crisp autumn air. Especially when the entire summer has been drought-ridden and hot with poor air quality, or you have neighbors that keep burning their fire pit on evenings when it’s 90 degrees out and the smoke comes in the house like a campfire! Once September rolls around, I like to open the windows and let the rainy air in the house again. But then after awhile, close them and crank up my Venta Air Washer to purify the room air and replace the proper humidity. Venta has now released a collection of essential oils to use in their Air Washers.  Now that they have an aromatherapy collection, I can create cozy scents that smell fresh and clean like lavender and vanilla, without smelling artificial and perfumy. My bedroom smells like a spa. With every purchase of a Venta Air Washer, mention my blog and you get an aromatherapy pack for free. Maybe pick the Winter Dreams one, I really like it. (No they don’t have Pumpkin Spice. Sorry) Call them at 888-333-8218. (I wasn’t paid by Venta for this post, but they did send me product to try, which I love!) venta airwasher aromatherapy 6. We’re closer to Christmas

Now when I watch the Little House Christmas episodes I don’t get weird looks from the family. Well, I still get weird looks, but not as many as when I watch those DVDs in June.

7. Football

Yes, I like football. Not every woman doesn’t, you know. I also like the other football, European soccer. This time of year both are in full swing and there’s at least one game on at our house in the background. Go Hawks!

8. Movies

The movies in the theaters around this time, step it up several notches because as we wind down the year, studios want the Academy to notice. So this is the good stuff. More than the summer blockbuster craziness, this is the creme de la creme level of the Daniel Day Lewises and the Johnny Deppses. Hello Oscar contenders!

9. Boots

Han Solo season has begun. Let every soccer mom show up with quilted vests and brown boots to Target, Starbucks and Whole Foods, practice fields, school pick-up, etc. You know what I’m talking about.

10. Shorter days, darker evenings

It’s time to light a fire, light some candles (pumpkin scented, duh) and get cozy with a blanket and your dog snuggled up. You can’t do this in July, so this feels delicious. I love it. Put on some socks too.

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  1. Artificial pumpkin shit is cool as F! LOL. Love your blogs. You keep it real, girl.

  2. This post was awesome AF! I love fall so hard, it is my favorite season.

  3. I loved this post! From one middle-aged girl to another, I must say, it had me longing for my junior high days. I think I’ll crank up (if that’s possible) my pretentious Yankee Candle and start writing a fall blog of my own. October is cool AF! Thanks for triggering some awesome memories.