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Frugalistablog turns 1!!!

Confetti cannons and cake for everyone! Pew, pew, pew!! That’s the confetti cannons firing.

What does one do to celebrate their one year blogging anniversary? Eat straight out of the Nutella jar, that’s what!

I started blogging one year ago. One year. Holy shizzballs!! It’s been like nothing I imagined. For starters, I imagined Ellen calling me to be on her show. That hasn’t happened yet. So, see what I mean? Nothing like I imagined. I also thought Daniel Craig, Hugh Jackman or Melissa Gilbert would come knocking on my door by now. Hmm… still nothing. Well, here’s to another year of imagining.

What did happen that I didn’t imagine was YOU!!! All of YOU people!! Not just my mom, my brother and some of my neighbors, but folks in Saudi Arabia, Iceland, Ukraine, Australia, Malaysia…. crazy places that READ me! Not that where you live is crazy. Just that, for this little suburban American girl, those sound so exotic, and I honestly never imagined someone all the way around the world paying attention to my blog.

But let me also mention my blogging friends I have met. Okay, let me clarify. I haven’t ‘met’ any of them yet. But they are my peeps. My blogging sisters and brothers. Some of them I have made friends  on the ‘real’ side of Facebook. I definitely will be seeing quite a few of them one day in real live person. I truly can’t wait to drink a toast and break bread with these people. Hmm, that’s a lot of bread references right there. But my point being, they are so incredibly supportive. They are good people. They get the whole- build you up, promote you to the readers and know you’ll do it in return- process. They make my day brighter, help me believe in myself, commiserate over laundry and female issues. We laugh, we cry, we plot evil revenge on dickwads that leave awful comments. Just kidding!! You know me, I’m all about the peace! The friendship between other bloggers is definitely something I never imagined with this gig. It’s truly the icing on this wordy cake.

So I won’t name any of them specifically,  I’m afraid I’ll forget someone. So let me just say- you know who you are. You’re there for me, you are the wind beneath my wings. Cue Bette Middler.

My very first post was kind of like a child’s first day of Kindergarten. There were some introductions, nervous peeing, feelings of awkwardness and insecurity. But now I’ve found myself. My ‘voice’ I can call it. I’m not trying to fit in anywhere. Well, okay, I am. But I’m just writing and sometimes it’s funny, and sometimes it’s downright heart gripping. And thankfully you all just ride this coaster of crazy and dramatic confessions that I spew onto the screen.

Like my brother says about most of my posts- a lot of effort, not a whole lot of preparation. So true. I literally just developed my blog overnight. I know, hard to believe! (wink, wink) I just jumped in. Like a cold swimming pool. If I stuck my toe in and tested the waters, I bet I would have put on the breaks and backed out of there. But once I hit ‘publish’ there was no turning back. Sometimes I’m scared of a post. Sometimes I’m excited. Sometimes posts are crap. Sometimes they are gold. I never know. Okay, I have a slight inkling. But I’m amazed at what tickles someone’s funny bone or inspires them.

If you’ve stuck around all year  or just found me yesterday through this roller coaster and the complete whiplash that is my blog, then Thank You. I hope you stick around for another year. I think I’m getting the hang of it.

From vaginas, to my kids, to Spanx, there’s been a whole lot of fun going on around here.

I made this clip especially for you-

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  1. Happy Birthday, Frug!!! So glad I found you, and am planning on sticking around for many more birthdays!

    Have a wonderful day. And don’t OD on the Nutella.


  2. Oh I’m sticking around for sure-love your blog!

  3. Yay, congrats! And many mooooooore!

  4. Girl…you are AMAZEBALLS!!!! One whole year? Why, it seems like we have be blog friends, turned real life friends for EVAH!!! Congrats on making it this far and let’s get to work on Ellen, or Daniel, or Melissa, or all 4 (you know JD is in that mix too, because I’m selfish in that way and I can’t let you have all the fun by yo self).

    I love you mucho and am so happy for you!!!

  5. Happy Pageaversary Froog!! I am wearing my Spanx in your honor today. I would bow, but then all this awesomeness would spill out everywhere.

    Nutella S’mores all around,

  6. happy blogiversary!!!! you are one of a handful of bloggers that inspired me to jump right in to the blogging world recently! thanks for writing!!!

  7. I recently started reading your blog maybe a month ago. I LOVE IT!! You make me laugh on days I don’t feel like laughing! Your wit and humor are awesome!! Happy one year anniversary and many to come!
    Meridian, MS

  8. One tired mama says:

    Yay! Love your blog!

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  10. Happy Blogiversary, dearest Fruggie! All my love, potato chips and dip. Giving you all my chips and dip is FOR REAL. Love you.

  11. Happy Birthday to the blog 🙂 Enjoy the Nutella- and I am positive that Ellen will call tomorrow and Melissa Gilbert (really?) will send you a card!

  12. Christopher W. Tipper says:




    You know, I do remember the look on our father’s face the first time I f-bombed in his hearing range. You were probably about 3. And here you are now – a potty mouth for the whole world to love.

    Is that a special Nutella eating get up, or just the only clean things you’ve got to wear? It did give me a huge smile. Haven’t watched the video yet as I’m in public and bereft of headphones.

    And, the only one I’m worried about you meeting is Daniel Craig. You better get me on that invite list.

    Here’s to the next year’s worth of posts. Keep up the funny work, Kidworth.


  13. OMG! You said “YOU.” I feel like you were pointing to me. OMG. I feel famous.

    Happy Bloggibersary! May there be many more to come. Fuck, I spelled that wrong. Oh well. You rock!

  14. Happy Anniversary Frugalista!!! xoxo M3

  15. Congrats. Now let’s some mo bikini pictures

  16. You’re GOOFY! Congrats!