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Girl crush Friday

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Meghan Trainor. Who’s that? Let me tell you.

Frugalista Blog Girl Crush Friday All About That Bass

By the end of today I will get a song stuck in your head for sure.

But in a good way!

Yes, this summer has been all about Iggy, and Ariana, and Pharell. But, for me, it’s been ALL ABOUT THAT BASS.

And that’s BASS pronounced (bayse). Just so we’re clear.

You probably have never heard of her- Meghan Trainor. An adorable 20 year old from Massachusetts, who is probably considered the American Adele with her raspy mature voice, retro cute looks in her video and vocal pipes.

But I think she’s Meghan all on her own. Not just an Adele comparison. No offense Adele, you’re awesome.

Let’s talk about her single and her video.

All About That Bass is an anthem of sorts but not just for fat girls. No. It’s chorus,

“My momma she told me don’t worry about your size”

and “You think you’re fat. But every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top.” needs to be shouted from the mountain tops. I wish it could be piped in the halls of high schools everywhere. These words need to resonate with girls all over of all sizes!

Whether you’re a size 0 or size 16. The body image thing isn’t overdone. Trust me. Because girls are still looking in the mirror comparing themselves to magazine pictures. My daughter included. And myself.

So let’s “Bring booty back” and not worry about numbers but revel in our (s)ass and glory! Yeah!

Whenever this song came on the radio this summer, my daughter and I blasted it and broke out in our best moves. Even in the car.

Here’s the video that is immensely popular. Anything with retro looking Betty Draper style mixed with cotton candy explosion of pastel colors, pretty much begs me to love and adore it like a new kitten.

And if the tune ain’t your thing, no biggy. Just remember that ‘You’re perfect from the bottom to the top’.

Meghan, you go on with your fine self. And if you ever want to go makeup shopping and shoe shopping, call me. I know a great place next to the best donut shop!

If that’s not cute enough, here she is on Jimmy Fallon:


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  1. Love this post AND love that song, She’s so cute!!

  2. Just discovered her and her song today … and I love it, AND its message.

  3. ADORE her! And I LOVE her video! Such a great message and such a fun upbeat song!

  4. Holy crap. I just read, then watched the video, and it turned into an impromptu 20 minute hard-core, all-up-in-the-club dance party with me and my 2 year old. When it was over he said “Gin?” (Again?) So we watched it twice and fell into the YouTube black hole of awesome dance songs and holy sh*t I actually can say I worked out. So glad I read this post!

  5. Headed on over after seeing your comment on the ‘Mom, iphone, park’ post. Made me laugh. Then I was rewarded with a blog post that links to a music video. Thank you! Jo

  6. I saw that Jimmy Fallon sketch and fell in love! Go you for always celebrating the people who should be celebrated–and the truth, Frugie!