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Here we go a wassailing

Let’s drink and be merry, it’s the holidays!

I made wassail for you. Okay, it’s not really wassail, because it isn’t made from cider and it’s not to celebrate the apple harvest. But I digress… I made mulled wine and show you can too in this little video.

Holy crap, the cat video bombs- again! It’s 5 minutes and you can sit with your beverage and watch. I even sing. People, I don’t hold back for your entertainment.

And don’t forget to watch, click and share. I get paid in m&m’s for my videos now and you will save my mom so much trouble trying to accumulate all those views herself.




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  1. Why are you so adorable?
    And oh, doesn’ t the alcohol get cooked out when you simmer it for so long? That seems sad.

  2. This was great and thanks for sharing. I really love your videos and keep them coming 🙂 🙂

  3. I think Pluto is seeking out a regular guest spot on the Frugalista Show. Does it do any tricks? Like, at the minimum, some explosive egg nog yakking onto christmas sweaters?

  4. Didn’t know you were such a good singer! 🙂 I, too, love the videos and want more. Your fans have spoken!