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How To Get Perfect Brows- On a Budget

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Brows, brows, brows! That’s all anyone talks about in the beauty community. Twenty years ago eyebrows were the last thing to worry about on your face while applying makeup. Ninety percent of the time, I didn’t do anything at all with them.

I didn’t even start plucking or waxing until my 20s! But now girls (and boys) are grooming brows as young as middle school.

So the cosmetics industry has said, “CHA CHING!” “Let’s make lots of brow products for folks to buy!”

And no wonder. In 2015, consumers spent over $180 million on brow products. That’s more than they spent on skin care or even prestige shampoo.

Well, here’s how you can get super great brows- and not spend hundreds of dollars. $20, maybe $30 tops. Depending on what you want to go for, and what drugstore deals are on when you go shopping.

Check out my latest YouTube video for the tips and products!


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