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How to kick the Winter Blues in the nuts

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Wow. Did you feel that? It’s the winter doldrums coming to suck the life out of us like an Azkaban Dementor.

Usually I do pretty well and don’t get this ‘seasonal affective disorder’ thing. McSweetie is usually on a man-period throughout the months of January and February. All grumpy and stuff because he goes to work in the dark and comes home in the dark. I try to stay cheerful. But let’s face it- December was fun and festive, even if it’s stressful, it feels special. Nothing feels special about January and February. If you say Valentine’s Day, I say- shut it.

We aren’t going to any sunny destinations this winter. We are stuck in the rainy northwest. Actually, the last few days have been sunny and cold. I’m confused. I don’t know what to do in this dry sunny weather.

Also, the crud has been going around and everyone has been sick. I’ve been just ‘off’. Not sick, not great. Which doesn’t really count. I mean, right? Who cares if you just feel blah? If you aren’t in bed with a fever, then just get off your ass already and get things done. Ha.


So I made a list of why I am trying to convince myself to a) choose happy; and b) be glad it’s winter and not summer.

Don’t we always complain about how hot and awful summer can get? I mean, yes, we love the sunny warm weather, but mother nature gets carried away and starts to cook us like Hades. So here is why I will try to like winter:

1. There’s no need to shave your legs.

2. There’s no boob sweat since it’s 30 degrees out.

3. Dinner can be made in the oven and not heat up the house.

4. The sound of a furnace running makes me feel so modern and first world.

5. Hot chocolate

6. Who doesn’t like leg warmers?

7. You don’t need to wear a swimsuit or even go near a pool.

8. The beach is really overrated. The sun and sand are so harsh on your hair and skin and sand keeps showing up in unexpected places.

9. Think of all the money you are saving not buying sunscreen.

10. It gets dark so early you can tell the kids to go to bed and they actually do (to a degree), instead of the ‘but mom, it’s not dark out yet’ excuse. I HATE THAT.

11. The kids are in school. Okay, yes- there’s Martin Luther Kind Day, end of semester break and sometimes a snow day, but hey- it’s not summer break- thank GOD!

12. TV shows aren’t in reruns like during the summer. Who ISN’T excited for season 3 of Downton Abbey?  I mean, come on!

13. When the weather is crappy, no one blames you for napping under a blanket or having a ‘movie day’ with the kids.

14. Donuts.

I threw that last one in because I think a lot of problems can be solved with donuts. Fitting in my skinny jeans, isn’t one of those, but who cares.

With a fabulous list like this, who needs summer?






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  1. I completely agree with your list!!! Especially that leg shaving thing! Another one off of my own “winter is great” list is the fact that if you entertain after dark you don’t have to clean the house as much. Dust doen’t show under lamp light!

  2. Thanks for this list, because I am so with you on the month of January being a real drag, but you really made some good and valid points with your list, especially the no shaving legs, because seriously hate having to do this so often in the warm weather. So thanks for this!!

  3. You had me at donuts.
    The rest of that list was good too.


  4. So many, soooo many good points! Not shaving legs? Fabulous! Blanket-movie days? Perfect! No reruns of NCIS? Drool worthy (of course I could watch Leroy Jethro Gibbs reruns 24/7…oh wait, I do already!), No Boob Sweat? Wait…I live in the South ~ I have boob sweat EVERY DAMN DAY. Oh well, still a fantastic, perfect list. And donuts? Donuts are God’s Gift to everyone 🙂

  5. I actually find November and December more gloomy and depressing than January. Once January rolls around the stress of the holidays is over and the days start getting longer.

    I do appreciate not needing to shave my legs as often in the winter though.

  6. Ahhhh, #13.

    And yes, sweating at the beach and getting sand in places it shouldn’t be, is totally overrated! Thanks for this post! I pinned!

  7. Trying to decided between donuts and kids not being able to use that “It’s not dark yet!” bullcrap.

    Wait, I’ll go with both!

  8. What awesome points! I loved, loved the part about legwarmers. Also, donuts. So true! There is nothing they can’t solve!

  9. Yay for Hot Chocolate! Boo for boob sweat! Yay for not shaving my legs!! Boo for sandy va-jay-jays!!

    Totally loved your list!