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Just another post election blog

I wasn’t going to write about the outcome of the election. But then after all the stuff on Facebook and the news channels afterwards, this girl couldn’t keep her mouth shut.

A sampling of what was all over the interwebs on election night-

Yes, there was celebration. There were tears. There was jubilation for the re-election of President Obama. There was disappointment, frustration, dismay.

But really? The end of the world? It is clear how polarized our country is. Folks still think we are being ruled by some communist Muslim who was born in Kenya. Thanks Donald Trump for beating that dead horse.

People commenting on how stupid half the country is. People saying Romney can fuck off now.

Have we forgotten that America isn’t about how Republican you are? Or how God-fearing you are. It isn’t about Ohio, or the Latino vote. It’s about everyone getting to say their mind. Sure the electoral college is weird and confusing. It feels useless sometimes. BUT, I like knowing that I contributed in the popular vote. That I had an input in my local elections. Those can be decided sometimes by just a few thousand votes.

People died for our right to vote. Women were tortured and starved for my right to vote. Black people died to vote. They were beaten on their way to polls. White people were beaten for helping them.

We are better than that now. But don’t slay each other electronically. We do not need to degrade each other over Facebook or Twitter.

I am not a lesser person because of who I voted for. I’m not stupid for liking one candidate over another.

I’m tired of feeling uneasy to express how I feel, to wonder what scrutiny or hailstorm of comments will ensue after I’ve expressed my opinion. Usually by folks taking something out of context, something personally that was meant as a generalization or as an experience I had.

Don’t you think that someone’s opinions were formed by their struggles, by their burdens? Do you know their story? Maybe it’s more similar to your own than you think.

Why be so quick to judge?

Politics is tiresome. It can be frustrating. But in the end, it is a process that got us here. Elections matter.

I believe that we are going to be okay. I do have hope. I do see change. It’s slow. It takes time.

Romney said he believes in America. And I do too. I believe in it whether I’m a Democrat or a Republican.

I know that a party affiliation doesn’t prove your belief in America or God, more or less than anything else.

Let’s shake hands and get to work.

That’s just my hippy dippy optimism for now. I hope you can join me. Kum ba ya.


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  1. Hope you’re right, little sis.

    Not sure how much optimism there is that things are going to change or get better. I remember what it was like 4 years ago. Heck, we were at Grant Park. That optimism lasted about as long as the hot chocolate.

    I am hoping that we do experience some more willingness for everybody to agree to just get the job done. Kind of like Gov. Christie has.


    • well, I live in the state that is likely to pass gay marriage and marijuana. We’re just a bunch of free loving tree huggers. Who would have thought Christie would be the poster boy for cooperation?

  2. Amen. I am disappointed as well. I am actually working on my election response on my blog but I paused to read yours and I’m glad that I did. Bravo.

  3. kathyatkissingthefrog says:

    Very well said!!!! I’m sharing this.

  4. Preach it sister. I couldn’t believe (well, sadly, maybe I could) when I logged on to FB this morning and saw how awful some people were being. Half the country is made up of idiots. Wow, who knew?? It’s so sad. Next election, I’m writing in Frugie. She’s got my vote. And looks awesome in Spanx.


  5. Nothing is more American than banding together despite our differences. I believe that, no matter who is President, it is our duty to each other and our country to do just that. I also have faith that it’s possible. Also, I woke up this morning and the world continues to spin….so far, so good. Love you, Fruggie.

  6. This hippy dippy girl so agrees with you!

  7. And this is why the blogging community should have a weighted vote! LOL Almost EVERYONE on my feed from blogs has been just as nice, just as sensible, just as respectful. I’ve been doling out slow claps since yesterday afternoon and consider yourself slowclapped. I’ll be sharing this now.

  8. Wonderful post. You said everything I wanted to say, so much more eloquently than I would have!

  9. Girrrrrl, you SAY it. I agree completely. I wrote a similar post yesterday before the votes were even being counted. I just couldn’t believe how many of my FB friends were saying the most hateful vitriolic things! It really saddens me… and I agree with BadParentingMoments up there… we need to start acting like Americans and stick together no matter what.

    Great post.

  10. Very well stated!

  11. I’ll take your optimism any day. Namaste!

  12. Couldn’t have put it better myself. I am horrified at the electronic mud-slinging I have witnessed. The USA, despite having the word “UNITED” in it’s name, seems totally divided and both sides seem to be equally as closed-minded and intolerant of the other.

    I hope the next four years are more peaceful and prosperous than the last.

    I read a great post on another blog this morning that I think you’ll appreciate: http://momedy.blogspot.com/2012/11/an-open-letter-to-my-mormon-brothers.html

    Peace, sista!