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Let’s go shopping!

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Shopping can bring a visceral reaction to most. For some it’s therapy. For others it’s torture. Like when I shop with my daughter at Forever 21. That is torture. Okay, I admit, I got a really cute sweater there with the Union Jack on it. I have an Anglo obsession. It is perfect for me to wear on whatever day Great Britain celebrates their 4th of July that isn’t the 4th of July.

When I was a little girl, my mom introduced me to the hunt of the bargain. She would take me to a department store’s bargain basement and we would comb the racks and shoe aisles for hours. We got there early. We arrived with our bellies full and our bladders empty. If nature called in the middle of a tag sale, you might miss out on those black and white polka-dot Zodiac oxfords that are 50% off. Yes- I did buy those in the 10th grade.

But she also taught me the value of the piece. In those days she still sewed clothes for us from time to time. She even knit and crocheted sweaters for us. But there came a day when she found a good deal on a Karen Kane pleated skirt marked down so much, that it beat the price of any yardage at a fabric store.

These skills carried with me throughout my adult years. On my college burrito budget days I would spend a free afternoon shopping sale racks with my hard-earned paycheck from working retail part time. I knew what to look for- a silk blouse, an Italian sweater, double ply cashmere, a white cotton shirt.

When I moved out to my own address the excitement of receiving catalogs in the mail was a new experience. This opened up a whole new world of purchasing! This was before the internet. I didn’t shop online then. I called in my order to the 1-800 number provided on the customer page! This was the early 90s. I didn’t even own a computer. One of the first catalogs I remember receiving was the Spiegel catalog. It was over-sized and had a nice heft.

I had left the retail world and was working in an office setting. I worked a 9 to 5 job and was an executive assistant. I tried to look the part. The Spiegel catalog was perfect. Within budget and classic pieces that would wear well.  I remember a trench coat I ordered that I loved! I probably wore it until my post partum days when I put on a few pounds and it no longer fit.

Nowadays, I think a majority of my shopping is online. I still love the hunt, but so many websites offer such great shipping and handling deals as well as  the convenience of trying things on in my house, which beats an ill-lit dressing room.

And one of my latest online websites I’ve discovered is called Ultimate Outlet. It’s like the clearance racks of both Spiegel, Newport News and Shape FX combined! The deals are incredible. Pants for $8, pencil skirts for $7, even a cute tote bag for $11.

How had I not heard of this site before? If you’re not familiar with Shape FX, it’s clothing that has the shape wear built in. From jeans to swim wear! Once I ordered a really great pair of white wide-legged jeans and they were so cute for the summer.

Things to keep in mind; Ultimate Outlet sales are final. These are bargain prices but not all sizing and selection is available. The merchandise changes, just like the way markdown or clearance racks change in stores.

Thanks to the people at Ultimate Outlet for introducing me to their stuff and sponsoring this post. All the words and stories belong to me, of course, because who else would write them?

Happy hunting!

Ultimate Outlet online discount shopping website


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  1. What good deals! So much fun to look around!