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Mother/Daughter Bean Boozled Challenge

Oh boy! Did you know about these jelly beans called Bean Boozled? It’s like Bertie Botts Every Flavor beans from Harry Potter with flavors like ear wax and pencil shavings. Only these Bean Boozled taste like vomit, grass clippings and skunk spray. Not all at once, thankfully.bean boozled challenge mother/daughter



So you don’t know this, but Emma has a vomit phobia. It’s a legit thing called Emetophobia. I know that you’re probably thinking, who does like vomit? Well, no one. Hopefully. But, Emma’s phobia brings her into panic in different situations. Let’s say a classmate gets sick nearby, this would put her into full-on panic mode.  I would have to pick her up from school sometimes because it would make her feel so awful. She would psych herself into feeling sick and nauseous herself.

Her therapist has been doing aversion therapy. Basically exposing her to sights and sounds of vomit. YouTube has everything. Don’t Google it, please.

Emma has been really good at listening to sounds of retching and watching scenes from movies where folks vomit. It’s not fun. Even I’m getting grossed out. The final task was to get close to vomiting, but without vomiting.

How would Emma handle it? Would she panic? Freak out? Break down in tears?

You’ll have to watch the video to find out.

Spoiler Alert- we had a lot of fun and Emma’s doing really well with her therapy!



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  1. OhMyGodddddd….. Dying. You guys are so funny! Now, I have never been Diagnosed with this disorder, but I think I have a LIGIT problem! I have been know to check into a hotel room when the stomach flu has taken hold of MY OWN SWEET BABIES! I was laughing so hard, some gagging and crying….. and I burned my freaking risotto, because I couldn’t stop watching! Good job ladies. PS, I will never eat those retched beans. I literally felt the burn in my throat when your were describing it…… :0/

  2. You are so, so cute!