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Reasons to Live Friday #7

When I started this list it was after a friend took her own life. I couldn’t imagine any reasons bad enough to end living in this world. Obviously pain and depression are powerful things. And I’m always in a quandary as to how those things can overpower the good. To outweigh not being here for the children, my mom, my husband, friends, etc.  So I’m making a conscientious effort to always focus on the good. To always remember that MY BAD is still better than someone ELSE’S bad and that nothing is so much that you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

This week my reason for living is- the things you look forward to. You know how kids are forever looking forward to Christmas or their birthdays? Well, I like stuff like that too. I’m always looking forward to SOMETHING. ANYTHING. Whether it’s going to the beautician for my hair did. Ha! I said beautician! I go to a salon with a DJ and there’s an espresso bar and my guy has orange hair and is a fan of Anime. FAR from the beauty parlors of our mother’s or grandmother’s! Which is probably why I love it even more. Who knew how much fun it would be talking to a 25 year old straight guy who loves my take on suburbia, I love his perspective on the club scene and Comic-con crowd. Ooh, I just looked at the calendar and I get to go on Tuesday for a trim and a root touch up! yay!

See! Already- something to look forward to.

I’m freakin’ excited for my daughter’s play that is this weekend. Emma has the theater bug like yours truly. She is in INTO THE WOODS at one of our community theaters for young actors and I know I will just beam with delight when she is on stage. I am truly excited for my kids’ accomplishments. I’m their biggest fan and she always is my favorite entertainer. I mean, we know she brings the funny, right?

Tonight is opening night and I couldn’t be a more proud mama! I’ll get a big bouquet of flowers and clap so loudly. I’ll let you know how it goes.

NEXT weekend is McSweetie’s birthday so there’s all kinds of things to look forward to. I don’t have his present yet. Oh, who am I kidding- I’M his present! hee hee

So there’s my slice of Friday gratitude. Maybe things are hard, job, life, kids….any of those things. But there’s always something to look forward to. Always.

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  1. I think people chose to take their own lives because they feel they have nothing left to look forward to. And even if they really do, their feelings of hopelessness cloud their vision from seeing it. I always think of The Bell Jar when reflecting on this issue, where she says that being depressed and suicidal is like living inside a bell jar – everything around you looks distorted and skewed from the way it really is. Very sad.

    I agree with you about things to look forward to being a reason to live. I love having things to look forward to – birthday parties, Halloween, vacations, etc. And GO EMMA! You rock that stage, girl!! 🙂

    • You’re right. The bell jar is a good example. I don’t know how someone goes so far down the hole to hurt their family like that. There’s ALwAYS something good out there!

  2. This reminds me of the blog 1000 Awesome Things. I love reading about the positive, thanks for this post!

  3. In October my oldest daughter is in a production at church. Since she never sings for me I am really looking forward to two whole hours of watching her (and the others ) sing their little hearts out!

  4. thefoodandwinehedonist says:

    Great post. It’s a reminder that even little things can be something to look forward to.

    Into the Woods is a great one. We’re considering it for our kids’ middle school production, but it’s a really really tough one. Especially musically. If we do we may need a new music director because the current one (moi) may not be up to te task! Break a leg!

    • Our middle school did it. Very challenging!! Depends on your cast I suppose. But how wonderful to expose kids to musical theater. Let me know what you end up doing!

  5. Oh, sure, Emma will do Into the Woods for the highliners, but try to get her to audition for ME and nooooo, she’s too cool to be in a Middle School play! Just kidding! I wish I could come see it (even though the thought of seeing it one more time gives me nightmares lol). Tell her “break a leg” from me. 🙂

  6. So incredibly important to focus on the good in our lives. Usually the little things are the biggest joys. I’ve struggled with depression in the past so I know how important this is in order to maintain well-being.

    Enjoy your daughter’s play and getting your hair done and all the other wonderful things you have to look forward to!

  7. thetwistingkaleidoscope says:

    Break a leg! We looove theater/dance! 🙂

  8. You are so right about looking forward to something. Life can be hard, and we all have problems, but just seeing the positive really helps, as difficult as that can be. Have a great weekend, my friend.

  9. I agree totally, however I will add that it’s just as important to appreciate the now…always stop and smell the roses on the way to your next destination!

    • Well, I do like living in the present. I have to remind McSweetie this a lot. However, the point of this post is for folks who may not like what is their present and knowing that there’s bright days ahead. But thanks though!

  10. Awesome post. Thanks I really needed a nudge to remember there is so much to look forward to.

  11. Great post !

  12. Wonderful post, wonderful attitude! Sorry to hear about your friend. I’m sure it was difficult news to hear and to understand the why.