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Reasons why I hate family game night

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Have a family game night- it’s fun! They said.

No it’s not.

Family game night is a cross between a trip to the gynecologist and refereeing a cock fight in Guadalupe. It’s miserable and feels like it will never end. (Not that I’ve ever refereed any cock fighting or visited any Mexican town called Guadalupe.)

1.) No one can decide on what game to play. “I want Apples to Apples!” Other kid- “We played Apples to Apples last time, let’s do Guesstures!” Mom and dad don’t really want to do either, but drinking games are kind of inappropriate with a 9 and 12 year old.

2.) Dad won’t get off his laptop. Kid- “DAAAAD, you can’t be on Facebook while we’re playing!” Dad- “I’m not, I’m just keeping tabs on the news. I’m totally paying attention to you guys.”  (NOT)

3.) Children won’t put down media devices either. Me- “Daughter (12) it’s time to put away your phone, stop SnapChatting your friends and play. We are doing this for YOU!”  (Guilt trips are totally required on family game night by the way.)

4.) Someone always cries. Usually the youngest because they are losing. Then I start crying because I’m so fed up with everyone.

5.) Someone always leaves the game  pouting and stomping off loudly up the stairs. Again- usually the youngest. Or me.

6.) They decide to play Monopoly. (Just kill me now) Nothing good ever comes of this game and it goes on for a fortnight.

7.) Dad tries to be funny making irrelevant jokes and it turns out to just annoy everyone. Really, it was kind of funny the first time- but the following five, not so much. Give. It. Up.

8.) One sibling accuses the other of cheating. At this point, you don’t really give a shit and you’re hoping it’s almost bed time.

9.) You’re fed up, you announce the game is over and send everyone to bed. Tears and crying commence and you are told you are the meanest mom EVER! Then you feel like the White Witch in Narnia and everyone blames you for spoiling their fun.

10.) No one remembers whose turn it is and when they do they take F O R E V E R to make their move. (Courtesy of Hollow Tree Ventures)

11.) Little hands can’t hold cards for shit. (Thank you Motherhood WTF)

12.) It’s very hard to find a game that spans ALL ages, let alone one where the older kids don’t whine and cry that ‘THIS IS BOOORING” (this confessed to me via You Know It Happens At Your House Too)

13.) The cat lays on top of the game pieces and game board, wiping out all progress and your wine glass is empty. At this point, everything is futile and it’s time to just send everyone to bed. See #9.

14.) Someone decides to play a game of Smell My Finger (written by The Bearded Iris).

15.) Beer pong is just not the same with apple juice.


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  1. Oh man do I agree, especially with replacing beer with apple juice. Never the same, lol!!

  2. I would rather pull out my molars with rusty pliers than referee a family game night.

  3. Dear God I go running for the wine and lock my bedroom door when they break out Monopoly. I effing HATE that damn game. And the fact that my husband on daughters are ruthless, mean, awful landlords makes me second guess my decision to marry him and procreate. What kind of children am I raising???

  4. Amy Lomnicky says:

    Love this. The cat causing chaos by laying on the board cracked me up. Why do all cats do this?

  5. This is SO true and we haven’t even hit the Monopoly days yet. Princess Yahtzee is enough to make me crazy.

  6. You’ve been in my house on our family game night, haven’t you?! The only thing you left out was when someone (that means youngest child) knocks over their drink on the table, game board, etc.

  7. Board games are evil. I get they are supposed to promote family bonding and crap but can’t we just all sit around at the table playing our electronics? There is so much less… talking that way. 😉

  8. I swear you were peeking in my windows again while you wrote this. No kidding.

  9. We had our first family game just night last night, coincidentally, and it wasn’t too bad… the 3-year-old was in and out of the game (we played ‘Trouble’) and I kept trying to convince my 6-year-old that leaning on the popper longer would not guarantee he would produce a six, which started an argument about the laws of the physics when applied to game dice-poppers. There have been worse nights. =)

  10. We have just discovered family game night at our house. We mostly just play Sorry. And sometimes we’re sorry we played. There aren’t too many “sorry’s” while we’re playing. Just lots of pouting if someone gets sorried.

  11. Yeah – that’s why I feign illness and hide in my bedroom. Husband handles family game night and I can’t hear it. Please don’t tell him. He hasn’t yet noticed that’s it’s only when the kids want to play a board/card game.