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Sorry (not sorry) about my cellulite

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Here we go again. It’s ‘bikini season’. Otherwise known as, let’s shave all our nether areas and expose them to strangers while romping at the pool or beach with our kids wearing a strip of fabric to cover our butts.

I know it’s occurred to some that wearing a bikini is pretty much like wearing a bra and panties, but in public. I think I would prefer the 1920’s swim fashion of bloomers and long shirts, but that’s just me. I don’t want to feel like I’m wearing a bra and panties in public. I like coverage. Is this because I jiggle and have pooches? I don’t know. Maybe.

All winter long as I stuff myself with scones and donuts, I think of how I should be drinking green tea and sipping watercress soup if I want to look good in a swimsuit come June. And let’s be honest, I’m stuffing myself with scones and donuts, not just in the winter, but all year around. The fact that I’m NOT a size 1X is pretty much due to genetics. I have my father’s side to thank for that. Although, back to the watercress, who the hell eats watercress?

So then here comes June. Actually, here comes spring break. April. And I put the swimsuit on for the first time in months but I don’t look at myself in the mirror. I just put it on and head out to the pool with my swim cover on and sit in my chaise.  I am thinking, why didn’t I work out more? Why is there so much cellulite this year than last year? What is that weird looking vein cluster? Was that there before?

But then I look around. And not to get too uppity, but there’s a few of some other moms with cellulite too. And I start to feel better. I relax a little as I’m shoving Pop chips in my face. What’s pool time without snacks? If you don’t bring chips to a pool, you’re dead to me.

Okay, then there’s one mom. There’s always THAT mom. The really fit one with like, 4 kids, to make us feel bad. If she works out, why don’t I work out? And she’s wearing a two piece she bought from Athleta. Heck, she’s probably one of their models. And I put the Pop chips away.

I take stock in the fact that I try. I do. And even though I keep seeing magazine cover after magazine cover (Us Weekly, I’m looking at you) of “Kim’s Wedding Workout” and I’m sick of seeing it. But I have to admit that even though she’s got curves, she’s looking fine. OH WAIT! She spends thousands upon thousands of dollars zapping her cellulite in some plastic surgeon’s office.

Ha! So there you go. If I spent thousands of dollars zapping my cellulite, I’d look like Kim too. But I don’t. I put that money in a college fund. Or family vacation. Or a woman I sponsor in Rwanda. (I’m not bragging or anything.)

My point is- WE ALL HAVE CELLULITE! (Except Athleta mom. You just go back to your paddle board, lady, I’ll deal with you later.)

You have cellulite. And you have cellulite- and YOU and YOU and YOU!

If we surround ourselves with real women, moms and grandmoms, sisters and friends, NOT magazines, we will appreciate what we have and not worry about the extra.

And don’t get me wrong. I’m planning on working off those winter scones and donuts. But it’s not because I want to fit in a bikini. It’s because I need to climb the ladder to my son’s loft bed each night. It’s the case of wine from Costco I want to be able heave into my minivan without throwing out my back. Use it or lose it baby. And I plan on using my quads and arms for good. Not just at the pool.

Sorry, not sorry about my celllulite by Frugalista Blog

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  1. No chips, you’re dead to me…………haha! Hilarious. AND I feel ya, like always!

  2. Kristin D. says:

    I bemoan my “squish” all the time, but I don’t do anything about it, ever! I look pretty good, when I’m covered up. I am registered for a mountain bike race in November, and my teen wants me to do the Color Run with her in August, so I’ll have to do just a little working out so I don’t embarrass myself. For now, I’ll just have to come have some chips with you at the pool!

  3. I go to the pool practically every day because thats how my kids get their energy out. I live in a complex with LOTS of college students. So yah, every time I go I have to remind myself that these gorgeous girls have not yet given birth and that 21 year old skin will just look better than mine no matter what light.

    Unfortunately, there are a lot of those Athleta moms here too. But I know it costs tons to keep that up and I’m just not able to do that. #helpmeImpoor

    P.S. you’re GORGEOUS!

  4. 1. Cutest graphic in the history of the world.
    2. I will share my chips from the chaise next to yours.
    3. Although I want to feel better (more energy, stronger muscles), I love me …. dimples and all.
    4. <3

  5. I love you. Thank you for being real. Banning watercress.

  6. Oh, the summer, the pool, the body scanning. I’m constantly checking out other women to see who looks better than me. Yep, I’ve seen those Athleta moms (and honestly, I don’t get it – do they spend ANY time with their kids or do they work out all day?). But you know what? There are moms who look worse than I do, so there’s that. There are also the ones who are super skinny, but who are wearing a swim skirt anyway – THAT I don’t get.

    Anyway, thanks for this. You make me feel almost normal.