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What happens when you put old boobs in a new bra?

They’re still old boobs. But hey, they are somewhat perkier.


James was hinting that my old togs and under things were somewhat dreary. Really? We need to go down this road? I need comfort. I need flexibility. Watching Downton Abbey is hard work. I need the most accommodating wardrobe possible. I am no Victoria Secret model.

You’ll have to click on over to Bonbon Break to read if I gave in to James’ lingerie wishes. And what exactly happened to the ‘girls’.

The new Bonbon Break is here- and say hello to one of the newest editors…


That’s right. I have an official fancy pants writer job. I’m an associate editor of Bonbon Break Magazine! AND Bonbon Break is newer and prettier than ever!

There’s a whole group of associate editors with me, including our master and commander at the helm, Val Curtis. She is dedicated, fearless and completely sleepless, I’m guessing, based on the number of hours she put in to snazz up the site. She wrangled all of us together to bring you what we hope to be, the best of little bites of inspiration, fun, ideas, escape… whatever you need you hope to find in an online magazine.

So without further ado, let me take you into the Bedroom– where I’ll be inspiring you, humoring you, and hopefully entertaining you.

My inaugural post, presenting ….

You’re Hotter Than You Think

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You're hotter than you think Bonbon Break

Bonbon Break

The Valentine’s Day Flu

This post was an original written for Bonbon Break Magazine

Ugh. I hate Valentine’s day. Okay, not really. It’s cute and all. I like getting heart shaped things and baked goods for the kids. I like the ‘IDEA’ of Valentine’s day. The actual holiday- it is never cracked up to the expectation.

Valentine’s day is in February. What is February? Winter, that’s what. And winter is flu season.

Do I remember the Valentine’s day getaways hubs took me on for romantic dinners for two? No. One, because those didn’t happen. Two, because I’m usually home sick with the flu. Every. Freakin’. Time….

Read more here-  (go on, you know you want to)



Today I’m over at Bonbon Break- in the bedroom

Well, I’m not actually over there sitting like a miniature person in the computer screen waving at you. That would be very Willy Wonka ish, wouldn’t it?

But click on over to their holiday issue and read about a coming of age story. Yes, Emma has reached a milestone about old St. Nick.

These are those parenting moments that keep you on your toes.

Enjoy the magic while it lasts. And by magic, I mean, the lying facade of trying to be a magical fat man who spies on sleeping children.

Read here- Bonbon Break


I’m writing over at Bonbon Break this week…

Halloween is one week away. Do you have your costume? Is it slutty? Maybe you need to read about my slutty costume intervention.

This week I was asked to write for Bonbon Break and their special Halloween issue. It’s chock full of giveaways. If you find the zombie of the day,  comment under their post and you are entered to win that day’s giveaway. Hmmm… I wonder who it could be for Wednesday…. better check on over and see.

There’s great stuff in there for recipes, decor, and just fun stuff. Like me! Just click the picture below:

Click on the picture to head on over to Bonbon Break