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Frugie Blog interviews her dad

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It’s my daddy’s 82nd birthday today! Yay glitter cannons everywhere! Oh, wait. Stop. He would hate that. Just some quiet classical music and a tidy floor. The glitter would be messy and he doesn’t like mess.

I’ve written about my dad before. I like to pay tribute to him on his birthday. I’m just so blessed to have a solid father figure to support me. You might know or remember, that he was born and raised in England. Being born before World War 2, and immigrating to America in the 1950s makes for an interesting life and a perspective on the world, most of us aren’t familiar with.

I decided to do something different with this birthday post. I’m going to interview him. This gives you a little insight on his personality. You know, like Barbara Walters if you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be, kind of questions. Only, I don’t ask him about being a tree.

So here you are- my dad.

Like high profile magazines and their celebrity interviews, I will include a bit on the setting and his appearance.

Dad came over to the kitchen table wearing a somewhat fashionable sweater vest and plaid shirt ensemble. His hair was neatly balding and he wore glasses like always. We had just had lunch of takeout Thai food. He pointed out I didn’t eat all my vegetables on my plate. <eye roll>

Me- “What’s your favorite part about turning 82?”

Dad- “That I got past 81.”

Me- “What’s your least favorite part about turning 82?”

Dad- “You get old and tired and kind of ugly, and my ears keep getting bigger.” (He’s always had big ears, this is true.)

Me- “What bothers you most about the age we live in.”

Dad- “Cell phones and the people who use them.”

Me- “Just a sec… I need to send this text. OKAY… moving on… What do you think of Miley Cyrus and twerking?”

Dad- “Can you repeat that? Miley who? What? She’s talking?”

Me- “The MTV Music Awards when Hannah Montana danced on stage with a giant teddy bear. Did you hear about it?”

Dad- “Yes! Right. Hannah Montana… she’s a kid, right?”

Me- “What’s your favorite television show?”

Dad- “NCIS”

Me- “What did you want to be when you grew up?”

Dad- “I didn’t want to be anything really. I wanted to ride motorbikes though.”

Me-“What kind of things did you get in trouble for when you were a kid?”

Dad- “Oh everything. Constable Bennett would pedal his bike just about every other week to our house to tell our mother that we were on the train tracks again. We had to be on the train tracks to get to the other side of town. Mother would tell the Constable she would remind us not to go there, but then she forgot about it.”

Me- “If you could only eat one food ever, what would it be?”

Dad- “Fruitcake”


Dad- “It has all vital nutrients. No meat necessary.”

Me- “What made you want to come to America?”

Dad- “Saw a motorcycle ad in a paper in the village for a service manager in Chicago. So I got it.”

Me- “Would you ever get a Facebook account?”

Dad-“I might if I knew what it was and it didn’t cost me anything.”

Me- “Let’s watch the Miley video now.”

Dad- “Let’s not. I’ve got an episode of NCIS to catch up on.”

Fair enough.

Happy Birthday dad. Love you.