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3 out of 4 people prefer my pizza.

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The 1 that doesn’t is a little shit. Stay tuned.

This was almost a Pinterest board. I swear.

I decided to make pizza for the family. Dough and all. I’ve been making pizza for years. It’s a very economical dinner to make yourself. You can have packets of yeast on hand, and if you keep flour and salt stocked in your pantry, then you’re set. My mom made pizza for the family every Saturday for years and years. I have fond childhood memories of my mom’s pizza and watching the Muppet Show!

I don’t make pizza often, but when I do, they usually like it.

I made a starter with luke warm water, yeast, and a pinch of sugar, just like my mama taught me. I let that sit for a minute and get all bubbly and let the yeast do it’s thang. Here’s the how- to in picture form-

So like I said, the one who didn’t eat a bite of it, made himself a peanut butter sandwich. A mother fucking peanut butter sandwich. Never mind the hours involved making dough and all the flour under my fingernails. I’m not naming names but he’s blond, cute and his name starts with ‘O’. Little shit. He says he was, ‘too nervous about school to eat’. Whatever.

The rest of the family, including myself, ate the whole thing. So there!’