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The best gluten-free makeup

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the best gluten free makeup frugalista blog

I am not allergic to gluten, but some of my friends are. They can get really sick even if they use makeup products with gluten in them! I’m sure to some of you this is news and you never thought it mattered if there was gluten in beauty products. Well it does matter.

I have searched high and low for what would pass my beauty test. Would I use these products even though I don’t need to? Yes.

So here’s a quick list to reference.

But please watch the video. I go into detail of the products I like and some I don’t, and what to look for from companies as well as what products deserve honorary mention.

I hope this is helpful. Grab a rice cake and enjoy.

gluten free makeup frugalista blog


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  1. This is great and so helpful for so many people.

  2. Unless you are eating your makeup, gluten cannot be absorbed through the skin.

    • Lipstick is ingested.

    • If you have dermatitis Herpetiformis, which myself and others have, and goes along with the Celiac, lotions, shampoos, anything can cause an outbreak.

    • If you have dermatitis hepitiformis, which myself and others have, and goes along with the Celiac, lotion, shampoos, anything can cause a reaction.

  3. Jill Tarnoff says:

    What about Arbonne?

  4. When you put on makeup, you do end up inhaling residual particles from the air, from say, powder. Additionally, I do occasionally get eyeshadow or mascara in my eye during application. For someone like me, who has an auto-immune response to gluten, I don’t want it anywhere near me. Everyone should do what’s right for them from their perspective .

    Thank you, Frugalista, for this overview!