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The four phases of a woman’s ‘cycle’






My fear is that this isn’t just PMS- it’s my personality.


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  1. Holy. Shit. This is the most accurate account of my life EVAH. You have a gift woman, a real gift.

    Thanks for the laugh!!!

  2. mamatone says:

    Love it! HAHA! I am week 4 most of the time!

  3. What the hell were you doing in MY house last month, Frugie?? You must’ve had a great hiding place, because I never saw you.

    Oh and I LOVE the font for Week 4.

  4. I sorta feel like I’m week 4 – all the time. Be afraid for my family.

  5. Sadly, I know it is just my personality… lucky family and friends.

  6. That’s the truth, babe. Plain, ugly and accurate.

  7. Quit it already Frugie,
    it’s week 4 that gets in the way of your personality.
    Your personality is what I so like and love about you xox